Saturday, August 29, 2015

Almost there!

Prep day! 
Normally I do my prep days on Sundays, but since I'm starting tomorrow I didn't want to be cramming all my prep in on an empty stomach after church, plus I went to Costco and Aldis already so you have to get your bulk stuff prepped and frozen.
We went to Old Chicago for my last non-compliant meal and I've been munching on M&Ms all day.
I was able to come up with two weeks of a menu this time and I will try to take pictures to share but I'm not the neatest cook. I just care about it being edible. 
I have my gallon of water that will hopefully save me from feeling as horrible as I did the last round! I felt like  I was dying, but I made it through.

Trying to add a weights program this time around so I searched the internet and found a couple that might work. I'll have to see how I feel first. Last round I was hardly able to go for my daily walks. Which I read that when starting with weights you shouldn't worry about cardio at first so that might be nice.

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