Monday, August 31, 2015

Beautiful day

Day 2!

Woke up feeling a little drained but worked through it. My husband is on vacation so we went hiking for a bit. We went to Ledges State Park and just went off on some trails then on our way home we walked down to the High Trestle Bridge, but the day has caught up with me and I'm feeling run down.
Breakfast was egg casserole w/avocado.
Lunch was a Lara bar and grapes because we were away from the house.
Dinner was Italian sausage over sweet potato w/side salad.
I had to switch up my menu for the week because I forgot my husbands home this week on vacation. He doesn't mind eating most things I make but I have to add or subtract some things.
I made an attempt to make my food look picture worthy but I'm not so sure that will be something I continue to do. It seems like a lot of work when I can just explain what I have eaten. I look at other blogs and they do an amazing job at it.

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