Sunday, August 30, 2015


Day 1!

I have successfully made it through day 1 with no sugar,dairy, etc. There were brownies at church and then cookies were brought to my house for me but I politely passed. On Sundays I can usually fast most of the day because I don't do breakfast than I'm at church for 3 hrs and just do dinner.  
Tomorrow morning will be a test. I had quit a bit of Monster the week before so I will probably be dragging. We are going to go hiking to get out of the house before it gets hot again here. 

I'm almost done with the "Happiness project" and am trying to write down ideas that I want to share, and instill in my day. I find it interesting how you read about how someone else sees their life and it makes you go "oh yea, I could use some of that"

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