Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family time

A plant I put in front of my daughters

What a wonderful weekend! Yesterday I was able to go and meet my great uncle! He had some great stories about his life and some sad stories about other family members. It was so nice cause my aunt from Minnesota came down and I have always loved her. Even when my other family wrote me off she still kept up on me. I was happy that my daughter was able to come but it cut the day short. Oh well I have plans to go to Oklahoma to visit and we could go to Minnesota for a visit also. I think that the more family I lose the harder I want to hold on to the ones I have. But then there are others that make you want to run screaming! 

My healthy eating was way out the window this weekend. I over indulged but I'm being easy on myself for I know that I will get back on track tomorrow.

This is my first Sunday in 2 yrs that I had no plans on getting up and going to church. It was weird to know that I had the day to do whatever. I got up and took the dog for a walk and then had lunch with the in-laws and now it's football time. The hubby has fantasy points he needs to be watching for. Me I just enjoy it. 

I can't believe that there is 3 days left in September! The year is almost over. I have most of my plans for October ready for the happiness project. I still want to come up with one project for Halloween and start Christmas shopping.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed weekend!!

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