Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Forcefully moving forward

Day 10!

I am really having a rough time with my dizziness that I think I'll try to make it till Sunday and I don't know that I'll make it further. It's hard to get light headed out of no where when you are watching a 7 month old. I know that being hypoglycemic I should be getting plenty to eat but I just have felt so crappy that I don't want to so it's a lose lose situation. 

On a positive note! I was watching a program about the tiny house movement and I'm like "Yes, this is what I need!" so I spent the day emptying my house, getting rid of junk I don't need or would take with me when I move. My hubby of course laughs at  me and says "his stuff is to big for a tiny house" he thinks he needs an 80' tv so I told him we would create a projection tv some how.

This seems like heaven to me! I know that it can't be now or a yr from now but I do want it in my future.

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