Wednesday, September 23, 2015

learning to enjoy the peace

What a wonderful Wednesday! I got out and took a long, sweaty walk this morning. It felt good and I need to be making sure that I'm doing it more often because it's Fall now and it will turn cold soon!

I got more into my book on meditation and downloaded an app. It started me with 3 mins. It seemed like forever since my brain is always on but I think I can get better at it. The book has some good Quotes. "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts." Buddha. I hope to finish it this week but if not then I'm in the car for 2 hrs on Saturday so I'll finish it then.

I did some research on intermediate fasting. I found this good example.
I had started introducing this about a month ago. I stopped eating past 7pm and then didn't eat until 9am, then moved it till noon. I never did like breakfast and can really get behind this type of fasting. I can't do the whole 24hrs, which is what you are expected to do when you are a member of the LDS church. I weighed this morning and am down a lb since Sunday. Saturday will be my carb day, then I'll go another week on Keto and see if it makes me feel any different than on the Whole30.

I'm so excited! I get to meet my 85 yr old great uncle for the first time Saturday! He is riding his Harley here from Oklahoma. I can't wait. I have been estranged from this side of the family for 18yrs do to circumstances beyond my control and now I'm getting to know these people again. I can't even contain my excitement.

Happy Hump day!

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