Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Living the tired life

Day 4!

In today's Whole30 timeline it is Kill all things but I think I'll make it. I did wake up with a headache and I'm exhausted but I'm going to fight through it, without freaking....I hope.
Yesterday I had a smoothie for breakfast because I had some frozen fruit I needed to use and it wasn't very good. Lunch was taco salad minus the salad because it had all gotten soggy. Dinner was on the run so it was a Lara bar. That's probably why I'm so tired this morning too.
 Today I will eat egg casserole for breakfast and pulled pork for lunch. I love pulled pork. I never use to be able to make it that good but I have now perfected it and make it all the time. Not sure what's going to happen with dinner but I have enough food prepped it will be compliant.
Yesterday I did my FB challenge that I joined which seems to be more lower body workouts so I need to get downstairs to do my upper. Need to say bye bye to the flabby arm!

So I am halfway through the "Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and I am liking some of her Ideas but am trying to figure out how to incorporate them. She started from the first of the year so I decided that I would just consider the 1st of September just as good and work on it like it was the first of the year but be done by the end of the year, so my months will have more than one goal. Obviously my goal for September is a healthy mind& body since I'm doing the whole30 and weights but I want to remember to take time to meditate also.

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