Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Feeling a touch better


I have had a lazy day. The hubby and I took Oreo for a walk this morning but other than that I haven't really accomplished much, but I did start my book. The Healing power of Meditation. ww.shambhala.com/the-healing-power-of-meditation.html
So far I have touched on the reasoning for the book. Having a headache makes it hard to focus on reading so I hopefully get more done tomorrow.


I thought it was a good idea to take Oreo for a walk down to PetCo becasue we needed to get some ground coverage for the CWD (chinese water dragon) Gallum. We live like 3 miles from it and I needed to try and walk off my headache. It turned out to be way hotter than I thought and Oreo was overheated, but he had his first experience at PetCo.
This is our spoiled baby Oreo. He was found in a parking lot by my job and the ARL never came to get him and when I tried to drop him off they asked for us to foster him...needless to say no one ever claimed him and my hubby felt sorry for him. He has been such a source of stress, chewing up everything you could imagine. I have thought about finding a new home for him so many times but he acts like I'm actually his mother that I think it would be very hard on him to be sent away so I just try to walk him as much as possible to wear him out!


I did good today with the low carb. I kept it under 20g and the hubby didn't complain since he was home from work and had to eat it too. I had to go get another box of eggs since I have them with 2 meals. I had made a casserole last week before starting this and forgot that I had potatoes in it so that has to be replaced. I did end up having a low carb Monster to try and help with my headache so that wasn't really healthy but it worked so I'll take it.
Tomorrow if going to be my fast day so I'll probably only eat dinner. Just a week and half left of this and see how I feel then. I made it 5 days with the ACV in the morning but it makes me nauseous so I don't think I can keep at it.

I hope that if you are trying anything I am that it is bringing you Joy!

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