Saturday, September 5, 2015

One week in the books!

Day 7!

I can not believe how hard this first week was. I asked my husband if he remembered me having such strong cravings the first time and he said "No". Yesterday I really thought I was going to give in. I thought about it and I'm OK with the food I think my deal is water. I hate water so I want other things to drink and I went to the store and got a couple different things so I hope that will help week 2 go smoother.
I think that I have a problem. I'm sitting here in my house that is set to 76 degrees and its 90 outside, yet I'm in pants and a sweatshirt!! Maybe something to look into.
My husband and I have spent 2 days working on making an extension on our Chinese Water Dragoons cage, so my eating is jacked. We had meatballs for dinner last night and today I've only had watermelon and a Lara bar. I think dinner is going to be leftovers. Tomorrow is Fast Sunday, dinner will squeezed in with prepping.

This next week I intend on finishing the happiness project. I want to work on making a plan for the rest of the year as far as goals go. I picked up Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I'm excited about that because I really liked her other books. If I can be finishing a couple books a month I might just put a dent in my To Read list.

My weight program has not worked out this week with the hubby being on vacation, once Abby leaves for the day either I'm exhausted or we find something else to do. That will have to change this coming week though. I feel like I need to find a partner in crime to keep me accountable but then also I think that I should want this bad enough that it doesn't matter if it's just me. I guess I just need to get my mind in the right space.
I hope everyone is enjoying there holiday weekend!

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