Friday, September 18, 2015



 I'm really happy that it's Friday and I get to sleep in a little tomorrow. I say a little because my two bratty dogs still get up like clock work so it usually means going back to bed until they complain enough to come back in, then I'm up for the day. I really hope they don't out live me because I want to sleep in some day. Vacations are the best, my daughter doesn't think so because she house sits, hehehe.

I had an early day with Abby. Daddy is doing the picking up because of a change in schedule so that's an hour and half that I'm like "well what do I do now?" So today I got some ideas flowing and created a binder to help me remember stuff.
I found the printable and editable cover at
I saved the web page so I could change it up whenever I wanted. Tons of cute stuff. I printed off some calendar pages and brainstorming ideas. I wish I would've been more prepared at the beginning of this month when I started than I am going into October. Oh well I guess it is a learning process.

I can't wait until next month. For one Halloween is my favorite holiday so I will be decorating this weekend but also do to reading the Happiness Project I know have resolutions that I want to tackle.  I started with a big thing last night. I began to write some much needed emails, but didn't send them yet. That'll come Monday and then I will be onto a whole new chapter of my life. I'm kind of sad but also excited to see what will come of it. I have been on this journey for 2 yrs now and I felt it was time for a different path. Not that it hasn't been a wonderful experience. It has just run it's course.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets out and does something that brings Joy!

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