Monday, September 28, 2015

Pros& Cons, Ups& Downs


Woke up this morning and got my meditation on. I was only able to still do 3 mins but I'm going to keep at it. It's funny because when I was looking in the playstore for meditation apps I found some hypnosis apps. I could see where the two would be compared but kind of not. I would think that I would want someone who knew what they were doing to try hypnosis on me as to using an app. I hear you can use it to quit smoking and losing weight. I guess it's something to look into.


So I have completely gone off the rails. I haven't even cared what has gone in my mouth. I have to figure out why my crappy eating has started again. I need to sit down and make up my menu and prepping my meals...then stick to it! I should also not be bringing it into my house. My hubby just goes along with whatever so if I'm like "Hey lets have ice cream for dinner!" he's like I guess.

Big Decisions

We have been throwing around an idea about moving and I have made a pros and cons list for if we should make a big move. We have an opportunity to maybe get out of this city and move out to the farm. It would mean commuting for the hubby, which he says he's fine with. there is still a lot to sit down and work out. 

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