Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I am almost ready to be totally be productive in October! I have almost got my Bible completely tabbed. Wow that takes awhile! 
I didn't make it to Hobby Lobby to get jewelry making stuff but I hopefully will tomorrow. I would like to get started so that I can give some away for Christmas. It's just hard for me to get out the door once Abby leaves because the day is so long and she usually isn't in a good mood come 4. Once I'm stressed out I just wanna eat dinner and curl up on the couch. 

I took a pic of my family books that have all my genealogy stuff and the Danner side is who I'm going to focus on, narrowing that down helped me figure that I'm going to be studying Mennonite history since some of them were and are.

You can't see it in the picture but under the calendar I had my Resolutions chart that I got from The Happiness Project. She got it from Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues chart. It's a tally to make myself accountable to the resolutions I chose to work on. I have, work on genealogy, study Bible, make jewelry, be supportive, study something from history and be kind.

I did good with my food choices today! Just need to keep it up. If I can keep myself busy I can stay out of the kitchen cause I'm not hungry half the time I'm eating, I'm bored.

Happy Hump Day. Hope it was productive!

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