Friday, September 11, 2015


SO, I have decided that I am going to keep my blog . I'm sorry if your following because I was doing the Whole30 because I have found that it doesn't spark joy in my life to not have a reward day so I will only be eating compliant Sunday through Friday. I could've totally eaten crap today because I broke down and had those M&M's last night but I didn't! I'm waiting for tomorrow when I have pizza. (happy dance) I'm proud of myself for completing a Whole30 once but I think I'm more able to do Paleo because you can make stuff like cookies and pancakes without breaking the rules. It just has to be made without sugar, which I'm OK with.

I was able to vent to some friends today about some family stuff and church stuff that have been bothering me and boy am I glad I did. If I lose these friends in the near future due to some changes I'm planning on making I'll probably be venting here from then on. I am LDS and have been having a tough time in my ward and with my calling.

I am almost finished with Dark Places. It is such a good book!! I couldn't imagine living through what the main character does. It's a little dark and the language isn't for everyone but I don't mind.

I have finished my tidying of my house and tomorrow plan on dropping all my boxes off at the thrift store down the road. I already took 4 boxes and 5 bags of books to our local book drop that donates to Planned Parenthood. I need to recycle a tv and have a friend taking a shelf off my hands. I really think that I can keep it this way too. I just need to think when I go shopping "will that fit in a tiny house or will I end up giving it away?" My husband was shocked by all the stuff we had. It's because we have a bigger house than we need but can't move yet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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