Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Worn out Wednseday

I totally ruined my day and figured out that I am for sure a stress eater. I had a danish to make me feel better after having let Abby cry it out for her nap, Which I know she needed and she fights sleep like she's going to miss out on something spectacular. 

I wasn't able to get to my weights tonight. My day just got away from me and I still hurt, but I got a walk in that I didn't plan on so that's a plus. I also was up and down on a step stool and painting all day so that's kind of a workout...right!

I got the front room painted and some pictures moved around. I'm not liking the color but oh well. It looks good enough and it will be the last time I paint it. It looks good enough to sell, which is my main goal from here on out. If I could just get my stupid pool fixed then I'd be outta here. I know I can't leave the state but I sure can leave the south side.

I didn't make it to YW tonight and their LDS Family Feud but I just couldn't, I'm so tired that's why I'm writing this earlier than normal because I'm sure I'll be in bed shortly. I got my 8 hrs in last night but it doesn't feel like it. I should start keeping track of if 8 hrs really helps me or if I fell better on less.

Happy Hump day!

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