Thursday, October 29, 2015

10 songs that make me happy

Post 50!

I can't believe this is my 50th post. I never thought I would get into blogging and here I am with 50 under my's to 50 more.

Music & Mood

OK so I have a hard time first thing in the morning. Abby just wants to sit on my lap and I need to get things done. I sweep, mop and vacuum because my dogs are gross and my floors are not fit to be crawled around on. I can't have her crawling around crying after me so I have found that music makes us happy. She gets distracted and I get things done. I wanted to share my list. 

1.Raging Fire

2.Little Lion Man

3.Shake It Off!


5.Shut up and Dance!

6.Fell in LOVE with a girl

7. Rollercoaster


9. Marry You

Last but certainly not least

10. Geronimo

I have lots of other choices and might make another playlist or two to switch out.
I hope you like my list and it gives you some ideas. I'm not sure that the links will work because I still am learning how to do this blog stuff...sorry if they don't.

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