Thursday, October 22, 2015

3 reasons it's time for another Whole30


So as I opened my second Monster for the day, it dawned on me that maybe I had loving embraced my sugar addiction again. I got out my calendar and starting figuring. If I start on Sunday then I will finish a few days before Thanksgiving. So then of course I needed to talk myself into it.

1. Fight addiction

I have noticed that the longer it has been since doing my last Whole30 the easier it is to have sugar sneak back into  my life and when it is just a little it can lead to a binge and then regret the next morning when I'm feeling like crap. I did really well in August after my first whole30 and did not crave stuff, until my first slip. Being a recovering drug addict, having cravings is a hard thing to over come.

2. Attitude

I am such a crabby person when I wake up feeling crappy because I had to much sugar the day before. That is not fair to the people around me. They did not put that cookie in my hand. I know from experience that I will be crabby the first week or so on my Whole30 but it will go away. Will it make me happy? Eventually

3. Failure

Well lastly just to prove to myself I can do it. I caved in September after a week and that haunts me. I really do not like to give up on things and to complete this on will make me feel better the rest of the year. Heading into the holidays on a positive note sounds great to me.

So those are my motivators for doing another Whole30. I worked on my shopping list and menu last night. I will head to the store on Friday, Prep what I need on Saturday and start on Sunday.
 I know that I will fail if I do not prep and plan so I am making it and sticking to it! I found some new recipes that I want to try and am hoping that will help. I really do not have a problem with my breakfasts. I could eat eggs every day, it's the lunches that I have to make something for me and then something for the hubby that gets me. Dinner it's just me so as long as something is in there for me to grab and eat I'm OK there too.

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