Tuesday, October 13, 2015

a bright new day


I never thought that I would ever go from a blonde to a red-head! I had been looking at pictures of myself and noticed that how the blonde didn't make my complexion and really was wanting to go dark again. Red I guess you wouldn't call dark but the hubby picked it out so I did it. I am really not sure I like it. I guess I'll give it the rest of the week and see.

Sticking with the changes theme. I found this article I wanted to share.

How Positive Thinking Really Can Change Your Life BY 

She first talks about goals. I agree that making a list of goals is a good motivator.

Second she say be grateful. That is something we should all do and not only in November for Thanksgiving.

Positive self talk is third. I wish that was something I could get on board with but I think it is just burnt into my brain that it's easier to tell myself how much of a failure I am.

Fourth has to do with looking for the good. I have had some practice with that. When you just get dumped on you can only go up from there so turn it around and see how it's good.

She recommends a vision board for fifth and I agree that it can't hurt. I have created one and it does make me feel positive when I look at it.

And her last suggestion is Get Busy! Put all of the above into action.  

I read this article for myself but I hope that if you feel it might help you also, that you look it up and read the whole thing.

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