Sunday, October 11, 2015



I'm going to be personal here for a minute. I was married to my soul mate 3 years ago today! We were in a short lived relationship back when I was in middle school and he felt he was to old for me because he was in high school. I knew then that we were meant to be but who was I to say. So we went our different ways but the side of town we live on it's hard to not run into someone from your past. I actually became friends with his wife (at the time) and we were in each others  lives for about 15 years. Then our lives would change drastically and throw us back into a relationship like it never ended. Long story short! Thanks for listening.
We went to my in-laws church this morning and then out to lunch where we ate 3 years ago.
Now the rest of the day is dedicated to drinking and watching football!!

Tomorrow is 20 days till the end of the month. I am going to buckle down and get my eating back under control. It's like I can't do anything half way. If I fall off the wagon I fall hard. Cookies, chips, pastas and booze! No more. Just need to pull up some menu ideas so I can run to the store in the morning.

The weather this week is going to be beautiful!! No excuses not to get out EVERY DAY and get an hour of cardio in. Weights should be a priority and I have them in my basement I just do know what my problem is.

I printed off some Bible study workbooks to hopefully help me get through the week a little better than last. I am going to set an alarm on my phone to make sure that I set time apart from my day to spend an hour reading. I had been doing it in the morning before Abby gets here but that's not a whole hour so maybe like 8pm would be good then it will be my winding down for the day. I can have it go along with meditation and some yoga too.

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