Thursday, October 15, 2015

finding happiness

New resolutions!

So, I extended my happiness reading onto a book written with the help of Dali Lamas about happiness and it got me thinking more about the resolutions I chose for October and also some other choices I was throwing around.

Does it bring you happiness....

First to be on my change list was my Bible study. I am no longer going to stress about finishing the Bible by the end of the year, if ever. I just do not think that forcing myself to read it. It isn't putting myself in the right frame of mind to be feeling the spirit. I still have the app and can listen to it instead of read it.

Second was the way I am stressed about the lack of a relationship with my family. I have decided that I can not control the way others live their lives or force myself on them so if they choose to stay away then I have to be OK with it and move on.

Third wasn't really a resolution, actually Second wasn't either. We have decided not to move. There were so many pros and cons and then when I went through them again I asked myself if it was going to make me happy. Our weather in winter isn't the best and hubby doesn't always get off work at a reasonable time, so I would be stressing about the 45 minute drive home. Why would I do that to myself??

My other resolutions have been going smother. I have been getting some genealogy done, got some jewelry glue so I can start another bracelet.

I fixed my red hair to an auburn/brown so that I can handle looking in the mirror.

Got my headaches back so I'm thinking that it might be time for another Whole30 before Thanksgiving. If I start Sunday I will have time and maybe feel better.

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