Friday, October 9, 2015

Grammy night on Flipboard

What's trending!

Today on my Flipboard the topic that popped out to me was "Is Googling making us forgetful?" I think so. I already have issues with memory because I have had a concussion and did a lot of drugs. I can see where just being able to pull up an answer to whatever, and not have to work hard for it, or need to retain it would eventually change the way your brain remembers things. Just my thoughts.


This would be me, trying to come up with ideas. I decided to go back through older posts and see if they are worth changing up a little and adding onto.
Well I found this post about Flipboard and thought I could share what comes up as I'm scrolling. 
I have started using Flipboard more since I found that I can publish my blog posts to it via my phone.

So with the Grammy's being on, that's really all you will find on social media. I could've talked about politics but that is NOT my vibe!

Who WON?

There were lots of my picks to win.
Best Pop Album:   Taylor Swift 1989 

There were also some that I hadn't even heard of yet.
Best Rap Song: Alright; Kendrick Lamar

The performances were pretty good also. The tributes were spot on as always, my favorite was Stevie Wonder and Penatonix.

Of course the awards are not only about the music it's about the clothes too! I missed the pre-show so I only got to see what they showed.

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