Thursday, October 8, 2015

Getting more done today!

Yesterday was a scary waiting type of day. My father in law was in the hospital with chest pains. All the tests took FOREVER. It all turned out clear and he was sent home but it's hard to wait when something could be really wrong. I ended up eating a whole thing of Ben & Jerry's ice didn't help.


I tried working on it yesterday but my head just wasn't in it. Today I started with the Shanks who needed some redoing. I went to pull them up on my trees and all the info is different so after an hour I gave up. I printed out what I could prove and then stapled the old papers to it so if I come back some day and get new info. I'm moving on to the Beachy line. They are some of the Mennonites. It gets confusing because they all have the same names!!

Did you say studying!

Yea I got up a little late today so I did not get to crack my Bible. I told a friend about how it was hard for me to read and she suggested an Institute Bible study guide that I could order through Deseret books. I'm going to look into it because I have a feeling with all my good intentions of finishing this by the end of the won't happen. On the bright side the Planned Parenthood book sale is this weekend so I'm going to go look and see if I can't find something fun.


I got one bracelet made today. I'm going to give it as a Christmas present so I can't show the picture I took of it but I'm going to work on some more this weekend after I get some glue and more charms.

I sit here trying to write this as my Husky Oreo is yelling at me. I feel for anyone else who has such an opinionated animal. There are days where I really wish I only had my fish to worry about! 
                                    Off to watch some Bones! Have a wonderful night.

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