Friday, October 2, 2015

hates coming up with a title


I have been sticking to my resolutions.
 Bible study is more intense and hard than I thought it would be. I love a good book with mindless good times but the Bible has lots of big words. Thankfully this study Bible has stories explaining things on top of what is in the Bible.

I have been working on my grandmothers line in our family tree. I have found some good new information. If anyone is interested in doing genealogy you should check out It is a free site and there are so many records out there you are bound to find something. Just start with your grandparents and work back. 

Jewelry making has just begun. I went shopping with my daughter and man is it kind of an expensive hobby. I got a tool box and tools, some starter beads. I plan on trying to get a bracelet started this weekend.

This weekend is General Conference for my church and I told my aunt I would go and watch it with her. I'm not sure I should have said I would because I don't know that I will really be up to feeling the spirit.

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