Sunday, October 25, 2015

I feel confident and here's 4 reasons why


Today being  prep day it gave me time to think, while cutting and baking. I was trying tor prep myself along with the food. So I came up with my encouragements.

1. Planning

I have made sure to have my menu written where I can see it and have made all the food I can before hand so that I'm not using it as an excuse to just eat whatever. I cut up lots of veggies, made my breakfast casserole and the pulled pork is done. I loved pulled pork the first time around. It's so good inside a sweet potato with avocado on the side. My daughter is coming over tomorrow to help me make egg roll in a bowl. She makes really good homemade egg rolls so I enlisted her help.

2. Support

I couldn't talk anyone into doing it with me but my husband has promised not to let me break down and have sugar. Even when I get cranky and want a cookie he's not going to let me.

3. Failure

I hate the fact that in September I failed after a week and that is great motivation to finish this one. If I can do it once I can do it again. I just have to keep telling myself that. I won't be to happy with myself if I fail again. I have this as a motivator in my other blog 3 reasons for a Whole30.

4. This ones my favorite!

My dishwasher is fixed!! I'm so excited that I won't have to hand was all the dishes that I create when doing a Whole30. I was so sick of dishes by the end of the second week of round 1 that I think I had a melt down and started crying. To not have to worry about having clean dishes is a huge bonus. If you have done a Whole30 you know the problem. Cooking all your food at home is a lot of work.

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