Saturday, October 17, 2015

Finished projects!


The hubby and I have been busy. I am throwing in the towel but he's still at it. I am feeling so old and sore. My carpel tunnel really kicked my butt today. 

Dinning Room

I got my table cut down and the chairs. Thankfully I grabbed 2 others from another room so I only had to possibly screw up 2. I did not! 
Benches are painted. The sprayer did not want to work for me so I went from both black to one black and one a turquoise color. Sprayer is in the trash! That is one reason my hands are killing, holding down the spray paint cans hurts, plus first I scraped the old paint off.
I am not so sure I like it but it's to late now.
benches before. I forgot to take a pic of the table, but it was one of those high ones.

Finished project

I got my old bookshelf tore apart and put back together. Painted it, put on the pad and fabric. I still need to put some sort of board across the back for extra support and get some baskets for winter accessories. It is not a color I would've normally picked but my house is so full of gray and black that I thought it would be good to throw something different in there.

thinking it might need some legs?? I just noticed my dog off in the corner :)

I think next weekend we will only be worrying about getting the leaves all cleaned up.

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