Friday, October 16, 2015

So many projects!

Almost forgot

I was so busy with my day and trying to get ready for my projects that I almost went to bed without blogging. I am exhausted but am excited for the days ahead.


I have wanted to get a new dinning table forever! I even sanded it down and painted it to try and like it better...didn't work. So I have decided to cut the legs down so it sits like a typical table instead of a high one. Almost was a disaster, that's why you measure twice, cut once! 

So I have these benches that came from my grandparents house back in the 50's. I am going to paint them to go along with the table. I am going to cut a couple of chairs also. I hope that turns out better than the table.

Next I need to replace the bench so I am going to cut down a bookshelf to make a bench for my entryway. I was going to redo a dresser for there and if I screw up the bookshelf I might have to. I just like having something to sit down on to put my shoes on and set stuff on when coming in the house. 

I also might be putting a big hole in a wall for my TV to go in but I have yet to decide if I want to take on that right now.

The hubby is building a cage for Gallum while I'm doing my table stuff. So we will both be pretty busy. I hope he can create something he likes. He already made an extension but he didn't like it.

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