Monday, October 12, 2015

Supernatural distractions


I should really turn off my Netflix subscription. I have a problem! haha whenever I start watching a show I just can't stop at one. I have been waiting for the 10th season of Supernatural forever and I was scrolling through Netflix and noticed that they finally had it, so I can't stop. I love this show. It's so funny and interesting at the same time. I'm glad they did not stop at 9 seasons.

Fitness Blender

I use to have a health coach and she turned me onto FB. It is a fitness website created by a married couple. They have a wide variety of videos on all body parts. Weights and cardio for men and women. Today I didn't stick to my eating, so I pushed myself to do a cardio video

 and then some arm weights. I am feeling kind of weak, probably over did the weights and will feel it tomorrow.


So I have added alarms to my phone for me to be able to stick to a routine of some kind. I feel like I have no self control and would just sit on the couch after Abby leaves, all night long. I set it to do My Bible study, recreational reading and meditation. I hope this works.

This is my happy spot. It makes me feel zen!

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