Monday, October 26, 2015

We all need a little motivation

What motivates you?

#motivationmonday I am really feeling like the more motivation the better. I had forgotten to weigh yesterday so I weighed this morning and that gave me some motivation. I am still 10lbs down from my first round. I am hoping that my 2nd round will give me 10 more. Whatever I need to do to accomplish that I need to do. I found this website that has some fun inpiration. Joyful Living 

Day 2 Menu

I did not eat breakfast. I know that is a big no no but I can't make myself do it. I have breakfast food I just am not hungry before 9 or 10 am and even sometimes it will be 11 before I eat. I have read that intermediate fasting is OK so I don't feel as bad for not getting breakfast in. 
Lunch: Pulled pork on a sweet potato w/salad

Snack: Lara bar, I know that those are no longer Whole30 compliant but I love them and have an addition to bars and most of them have sugar in them. So I guess if that's wrong then I'm wrong and do not plan on giving them up.

Dinner: Egg roll in a bowl w/sugar peas. My daughter came over to help make it and she just kept saying "this is not how you make an egg roll" she is an egg roll pro. I kept telling her it's OK it's not really an egg roll. She liked it and said she was going to make it sometime but add noodles or rice, which I can't.

Snack: After that salty dinner I needed sweet. I had a banana w/almond butter. Yummy!

I didn't get in my water but I did get in my 10,000 steps. I really need to work at the water.

I hope that everyone out there that started a Whole30 is doing well! Just find some motivation.

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