Friday, November 6, 2015

30 day marriage challenge

A few weeks ago I posted about a few things you could do in 30 days and I wanted to follow up on one I chose.

Now I do not feel that my husband and I are having a rough go of it and need some help, but then again why wait till it gets bad to correct it, just don't let it get my thinking.

I am on my third marriage and believe me I want to get it right this time!

I found a challenge on Pinterest and thought it would be easy enough to do, but there's wasn't as funny as I thought mine should be so I changed it.

                   30 day marriage challenge

1.     Ask “What can I help you with?”
2.     No correcting…aloud anyway
3.     3 hugs or more
4.     Kiss in the morning
5.     Remember he’s doing his best
6.     Make or buy his favorite food
7.     Leave a sweet note or text
8.     Plan a date night
9.     Put yourself in his shoes
10. Kill him with kindness
11. Tell him you are glad you married him
12. Pray for wisdom
13. No sarcasm!
14. Be a blessing
15. Only have positive thoughts
16. Thank him
17. Laugh with him…not at him
18. Be like a wife you admire, hopefully not Peggy Bundy
19. No chores
20. Have patience with him…and probably yourself
21. Forgive him
22. Assume the best
23. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
24. Let him talk or in my case make him talk
25. Ask his opinion…doesn’t mean you have to take it
26. Encourage him
27. Do something for his health…hide his monster& cigs
28. Admire him…not just his backside
29. Turn off all electronics
30. LOVE him!

So here we are on day 6 and things are just fine. I let him read it in case there was anything he needed to mull over.
We always kiss good morning because he works nights so we don't get to kiss good night.
We love hugs so the 3 was nothing. It seems every time we walk by each other we will get a quick hug. They say that a 20 second hug is as good as an anti-depressant.
We are always helping each other, but I did yell out "can I help you with that?" when he was bringing the laundry up and he laughed. 
I will have to wait till the weekend for the favorite meal because if he gets home super late, he sleeps all day, until it's time to leave again.

Well that's our journey so far! If you want to use this challenge, please do!

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