Monday, November 23, 2015

Planning for December

What's next...

With the end of the month just right around the corner and the holidays at the front door. I figured it would be a good idea to get next month planned out. So I have found a workout plan that I want to undertake. 

I finally feel like I need to get on top of this issue I have with my body. It's time I realize that if I want the weight gone, I have to work at it not just think about it. There are so many motivational quotes that say that same thing ,but you really have to want it to act on it.


I did a lot searching to find what I would like and want to keep up with. Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge. I thought it would be easier to find a full month challenge than continuing to go week by week picking out my own workouts.

It is quite ironic that the fitness challenge I picked just happens to be taught by someone with the same last name as my husband. 

I have picked a 4 week lean muscle building workout. I will still be doing my normal cardio first and then do the workout chosen for that day. She recommends one full rest day. I will be just doing Monday through Friday like I am now so I will have two rest days.

I will be posting at the end of the week how it went and sharing my journey.

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