Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Project organization

No place to put your mail you say? You just throw your keys on the table! What planet are you from.


My daughter was out shopping with me while I was looking for pictures for my bedroom, when she had mentioned that she needed a mail holder. They have been in their place for over 6 months and they have been just throwing their stuff on the kitchen table.

Seriously!! Who does that? I consider myself the queen of organization and could never live for so long with nowhere for my mail and keys. I can't say that I like my system now but I was OK with it...until I had to start thinking of an idea for her.

So my mind was working with ways to recreate something that she found but was too small and to expensive.

When I came up with the idea, I had no idea how expensive cupboard doors are. Yikes!!
At least that was the chunk of the money spent. I bought a file organizer and hooks, the rest I had.

I would have chose the larger door, but she didn't want it that big so this is what she got.

First, I put on some chalkboard paint. Everything can use a coat of chalkboard paint! 
Then I put in her key hooks, which I snapped off one trying to screw it in. 
Next I screwed in the file holder...through the back. Have I mentioned that my projects never go smoothly. 

Lastly we used some Velcro and attached a can for pens. My daughter is very happy with just plain stuff, no glitter and sparkle for her. I on the other hand find this incomplete. She thinks its fine and will serve it's purpose. 

I would've added a little cork board at least and some fun washi tape on the can. Something more flashy, but it is not mine so I have to be Ok with it. 

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