Friday, November 27, 2015

taking the easy way

I was planning my blogs for the month of December and since I am done with my Whole30 I couldn't figure out what I wanted to share. Since I haven't really found my nieche yet. I consider this a lifestyle blog but I could be wrong. So I kind of took the easy way out and decided to do a couple challenges.

31 day blog challenge

I found a challenge I can do that has me sharing something personal every day of the month.
There are so many of these challenges out there to choose from. I couldn't get the link to work but this is a picture of it.

I also found an inspirational journal 30 day challenge. I use to be really good at taking time to journal but I have fallen away from it, so this will help me get back into the habit. I remember a time that journaling saved my sanity. I wish I would have saved them to go back to revisit the craziness. 

I am also working on myself. I posted about my workout challenge. I think this will be harder than sharing myself on my blog. I am wanting to get in better shape for the new year.

There are also lots of 31 day picture challenges to choose from. I might do that also. I love a good photo and to have an excuse to be taking pictures of random stuff sounds fun. Has anyone done one of the picture challenges? Was it fun? Here are some examples.

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