Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A day in the life...

So, today is a timeline of my day. This should be interesting, it seems more busy in my head than it actually is, I'm sure.

Alarm goes off @ 4:10am  and it's all downhill from there, haha
4:30 - 6   Workout
6-6:45   Chill out with a coffee, check my horoscope
6:45-7   Abby arrives, both barrels blazen
7-8    Feed all the animals (including Abby)
8-9    Dance around and clean (vacuum every day) could be naptime, depending
9-11   Either go for a walk or run errands
There are days when Abby is not in the mood to do much so we just stay at home and do whatever it is that works
11-1:30   Usually nap time when she doesn't get a morning one and lunch time for the hubby. It's the only time I get to spend with him so we tend to catch up on shows on the DVR and talk. If Abby is awake she's trying to get all his attention. She loves chasing around the dogs too
1:30pm    Hubby leaves for work
2:00   Could be a naptime, depending on if she napped in the morning. Sometimes Abby stays up all day and this is when she crashes
If it's not naptime then on comes the music and we dance around and play with the dogs.
3-6     We read and do our Spanish. Who couldn't use some food about now. Abby loves Ellen so I usually turn it on in the background. Her toys are in another side of the house so we spend a lot of time going back and forth because I'm usually in the family room
6pm       Abby is usually gone by now, depending on the day
Nothing much happens after Abby leaves. I'll do dinner and work on my blog, but by 8:30 I'm spent!

Well like I said, not that interesting, but being in it seems more chaotic.

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