Thursday, December 10, 2015

Celeb crush

My first celebrity crush....

This is an interesting topic. I did not have to think about it at all. It has always been the same person.

John Cusack

I have had a thing for John Cusack for a long time. He sure is  hansom and a good actor. He really can play a role and make you believe he is that person. These are my top 5 favorite movies that he has stared in and it was REALLY hard to narrow it down to only 5! You can find all sorts of fun facts on wikipedia.

1. Say Anything

This is where it started! I totally fell in love with Loyd Dobler. I mean who doesn't want their man to love them that much. I was hooked. 

(Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)
2. Pushing Tin

This movie is funny and the banter between John and Billy Bob Thorton just works well. I myself have been in that same situation in my marriage so I could relate.

3. High Fidelity

This movie was fun to watch because who wouldn't want to work at a record store and the 2 skateboarding shoplifters is just comedy. I felt bad for his poor luck with women but it made for a good movie.

4. Must Love Dogs

I had to own this movie because I watched it so much. Such a cute romantic role. He does romantic roles very well. And I love me some dogs. 

5. Raven

I in no way like poetry or Edgar Allen Poe but I went to see this movie just because John was in it. I was impressed. I didn't know that it was fictional because I didn't know anything about the poets life. It seemed real enough. Worth watching no matter what the critics say.

Like I said, there are way more than 5 favorites but I don't wanna make some crazy long list and look like a stalker.

Cusack at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

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