Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Let's talk tattoos

Today is an easy share. I get to talk about my tattoos and piercings, plus show and old photo of me. I think I was better looking when I was younger, as I age I think I look to much like my mother...yikes!

So I'll start with tattoos. I would take pictures but I have to many for that.

My pride and joy is my back piece. It is a train across the lower back and it has my family name in it. It was done as a memorial to my Pappy. He was train engineer. Which is funny because so is my hubby.

Let's see, I have a sun and moon on opposite ankles, for my day and night moods. Those are small but they hurt because of where they are. It started as cover up for...wow I don't remember it has been so long.

I have just a small Asian symbol for Harmony on my hand, also a cover up, but that was a scar.

The back of my neck I have my zodiac symbol. Capricorn. It was a bleeder and kind of painful. It's covered by my hair most of the time. I just felt I needed it. My friend was in the shop getting something so I figured why not.

One shoulder has a Grateful Dead bear. It was a cover up of Dizzy Devil. A very poor rendition at that. The bear is green. I went through a faze where I collected Grateful Dead stuff.

My other shoulder has the back of an angel. It's a cover up of my daughters fathers name. It has brown hair like my daughter and I got it when she was little so it's kind of another tattoo for her. Both shoulders were kind of painful but better than my neck and ankles.

Oh and I can't forget the small "tramp stamp" I got at a concert. It was all the rage to get tattoos in the center of your lower back but I was by no means a tramp. It's just a heart and really poorly done, but what do I expect when you got to a concert and walk away with a tattoo.

Well that's it for tattoos. 8 in all. All but the tramp stamp were done by the same person. He did a wonderful job covering up all the mistakes I made before I found him. I would love to add one more as a memorial for my Grammy but my artist moved away and I have control issues. One day hopefully.

Piercings, I have the standard ones in my ear that I wear every once in awhile. I also have 13 more holes in my ears but I don't wear earrings in them any more so I'm sure most have closed up. As a teen I would just pierce my ears for fun.
I once had my belly button done...at the state fair, guess what, it got infected! Yea don't get something like that done at a fair. 
Oh and I have my nose pierced. It has been done so long it's like I forget that it's there.

Now here is my old picture. It is of me and my daughter when she was almost 2. It is by far my favorite picture ever done of us, and she's 22 now.
I wish my hair still looked like that, haha

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