Thursday, December 3, 2015

Meaning of my name

What is the meaning of my blog name?

Benders Balancing Act

For starters, my husbands last name is Bender so it is my tribute to him. I chose to keep my maiden name with this marriage. It is a lot of work to change all your information once you have a name change. My hubby was OK with it so what was the harm and I have a sister-in-law also named Lisa.

The balancing act part is just how I feel. I wear so many hats and am into trying new things on top of my daily responsibilities.

Normal everyday....

I am a SAHW so my day does include taking care of my hubby. Making sure that he is happy when he leaves for work and that he has been fed. Just like a child!

I also take care of my cousins baby during the day. She is 9 months old and into everything. She is so much fun and overwhelming at the same time. My hubby and I really wanted kids when we first got married but she has helped us to not feel bad that we can't have kids.

This one may sound crazy but I am a SAHDM. (Stay at home dog mom) My dogs are spoiled rotten and they know it. We rescued a husky from a parking lot 4years ago and he is just like a child. He gets jealous of the baby often and if I don't make up for it at the end of the day he will retaliate! 

I am kind of OCD and have to try and stay on top of all the dog hair that lines my baseboards. My house is way bigger than I need and keeping it clean is more work than it should be. (One of the many reasons I want to move) 

Extras I try to do....

Well for starters is this blog. I thought it would be fun to have a place where I could go to share my lessons on things. I am not doing it for profit, it's just for joy.

Then of course I am always trying some new sort of workout. This month is Bender Fitness challenge. It is so fun that I found someone who puts together and shares her workouts and her last name is the same as my hubby's!

I also wanted to do some homemade gifts for Christmas. Yea, I only have one done and haven't even started on my decorations I wanted to make. At least I don't have a tree to put up this year.

I am trying my hand at better and more creative pictures so I am going to do an Instagram picture of the day December. So it is holiday based. Should be fun I think! If you want to follow along here is my

Oh and I am doing a 30 day inspiration journal! I use to journal a lot and wanted something to encourage me to get back into it. 30-day-challenge-inspirational-journal

So that is why I chose the name that I did. I hope you enjoyed reading about my craziness!

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