Friday, December 18, 2015

Fitness Friday

Today on my list for the blog challenge is, "what I am afraid of." I'm most afraid of heights!! Can't stand going high but have done many things to try and get over it. I climbed Devil's Bridge in Sedona, AZ. That was crazy!

How about since it's Friday I share what I accomplished this week, workout wise.

Sucked! My basement flooded so I had to dry my gym out before I could use it. I did get my steps in for the day but that was it.

I was so not feeling my alarm @4 am so I slept till 6 and got my Jillian Michaels done when Abby got here. I did Shred 1 and a 15min tabata. Then we danced around for about an hour and got my steps in.

Today I moved up to the level 2 of Jillian Michaels shred. It was for sure harder than level 1. Then I got a half hour on the treadmill. I managed to go 10 mins on 8 incline. I'm working my way up. I walked on the treadmill later watching Survivor, to finish getting my steps in.

We will just call this day a wash!! I hurt my back on Tuesday and when I got up I just couldn't do it. I thought I would get it in when Abby got here, but my hubby got up and took over the TV so all my motivation was gone. I did not get my steps in either.

Back at it! I decided to do a different video than what was on my list. I did one of Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser videos. I only did half. Then I did 15 mins on the elliptical and 12 minutes on the bike. Plus I threw in a little weights for good measure.

I weighed myself this morning and am up 2lbs. Not happy but I am going to attribute that to muscle instead of fat. I was able to do 12 normal push-ups! I normally have to drop down to my knees. I have been looking at the Fitness Blender workouts for January. 
Are you all ready for the new year? What kind of workouts are you going to try?

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