Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trending Tuesday

I thought that with the coming New Year I would touch on what is some of the new trends you might see.

Bullet Journaling

Now this has been around for a long time but has started to really catch on. You can find the tutorial video here. It is a quick walk through of the basics. I had to watch this video many times to understand it, even then I wasn't sure that it would be something I would like. 
There are many groups on FB and lots of boards on Pinterest where you can see how others have adapted this basic layout and changed it.
That is what got me to take it on for the new year. I am an organized person by nature so a way to be creative and organized is a win win for  me.
I suggest that you check out theses boards to get an idea on how to customize. gentwenty, tinyrayofsunshine and bohoberry. I follow them so when they post fun new stuff I can check it out.

Hand Lettering

I have always thought that penmanship was another way to put your best you forward. I try to have pretty handwriting, even if nobody sees it. So when I came across hand lettering I was hooked! It is so neat to think that I could write like the words you see in professional pictures.
Chalk Ink markers  is what started me on my way with wanting to hand letter EVERYTHING!
This is also something that is blowing up, search it on Instagram and Youtube and you will be taken to wonderful tutorials of how you to can write pretty. I have always loved cursive so it has kind of been easier to pick up for me. I of course think it looks ugly but oh well. 
Check out any of these blogs and try not to want to write like this. madevibrantoneartsymama and alisaburke. all very talented people!

Wearable fitness trackers

I have a love hate relationship with my Fitbit! I have heard that wearable fitness trackers will be a big thing in 2016. In my search for something to replace my Fitbit, I believe that to be true.
Back a few years you had a limited choice of ways to track your fitness. Now every company out there is trying to cash in on new technology. I found this article that helps explain things way better than I can. consumer search.com/fitness-trackers is a good starting point if you know nothing about a fitness tracker. I have fallen for a few of those Groupon deals and tried other trackers, to no avail. I will keep my Fitbit until I find something else I like. 

Those are a few things I found to be upcoming trends for 2016. I think and hope that Happiness is also a trend! What trend do you think you will follow?

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