Saturday, August 29, 2015

Almost there!

Prep day! 
Normally I do my prep days on Sundays, but since I'm starting tomorrow I didn't want to be cramming all my prep in on an empty stomach after church, plus I went to Costco and Aldis already so you have to get your bulk stuff prepped and frozen.
We went to Old Chicago for my last non-compliant meal and I've been munching on M&Ms all day.
I was able to come up with two weeks of a menu this time and I will try to take pictures to share but I'm not the neatest cook. I just care about it being edible. 
I have my gallon of water that will hopefully save me from feeling as horrible as I did the last round! I felt like  I was dying, but I made it through.

Trying to add a weights program this time around so I searched the internet and found a couple that might work. I'll have to see how I feel first. Last round I was hardly able to go for my daily walks. Which I read that when starting with weights you shouldn't worry about cardio at first so that might be nice.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My first blog post! and what I learned from it.

September is a couple days away and it is a month with 30 days in it so I am using it to make some changes. They say doing something constantly for 30 days can make a habit. 

So what kind of habits do I need to start or break? Well, I need to eat healthier and start a weight program. In June I did a #Whole30 and loved it...after it was done,so I need to get back there and detox from sugar. I am also reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and would like to learn a thing or two from that.
This blog may not be the greatest but I'm still learning so hopefully I won't offend anyone!  

Wow, time fly's. It has been six months since I created my first blog post and I have learned a lot and also wanted to throw in the towel quite a bit too.
What can I share for someone just starting out?

They say have a niche, I would say if you have one great but I wouldn't stress about it. Write about what you find interesting and hopefully that's enough. I don't do mine to make money so that's why I don't worry about having one main area to blog about. I want to be able to share whatever.

Creating a schedule and being organized I found to be so helpful! It will take the stress out of last minute blog post cram cessions. If you have a calendar with stuff you want to post, it helps. Pinterest  is full of fun printables to get you organized.

And lastly, PICTURES! Everyone loves a pretty picture that ties the post all together or a tutorial. I use, it is a great site for editing and you can use it to create printables too.

I hope that my little bit of experience shared helps and if you have an ideas please feel free to share them with me. It may get me out of my funk of not being sure to continue or not.