Saturday, September 5, 2015

One week in the books!

Day 7!

I can not believe how hard this first week was. I asked my husband if he remembered me having such strong cravings the first time and he said "No". Yesterday I really thought I was going to give in. I thought about it and I'm OK with the food I think my deal is water. I hate water so I want other things to drink and I went to the store and got a couple different things so I hope that will help week 2 go smoother.
I think that I have a problem. I'm sitting here in my house that is set to 76 degrees and its 90 outside, yet I'm in pants and a sweatshirt!! Maybe something to look into.
My husband and I have spent 2 days working on making an extension on our Chinese Water Dragoons cage, so my eating is jacked. We had meatballs for dinner last night and today I've only had watermelon and a Lara bar. I think dinner is going to be leftovers. Tomorrow is Fast Sunday, dinner will squeezed in with prepping.

This next week I intend on finishing the happiness project. I want to work on making a plan for the rest of the year as far as goals go. I picked up Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I'm excited about that because I really liked her other books. If I can be finishing a couple books a month I might just put a dent in my To Read list.

My weight program has not worked out this week with the hubby being on vacation, once Abby leaves for the day either I'm exhausted or we find something else to do. That will have to change this coming week though. I feel like I need to find a partner in crime to keep me accountable but then also I think that I should want this bad enough that it doesn't matter if it's just me. I guess I just need to get my mind in the right space.
I hope everyone is enjoying there holiday weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nap-pity Nap Nap

Day 6!

Wow! I am exhausted. I meant to post last night but I was passed out. It took everything I had to stay up once Abby left and make dinner and just spend some quiet time with the hubby. 9 o'clock was all I could do, the timeline does say you'll need a nap and boy do I.
I had big ideas for getting out of the house today but I think I spent all my energy cleaning and getting Abby down for her morning nap!
I didn't even feel like making breakfast so I had a Lara bar and watermelon. I made the most fantastic lunch yesterday! Sausage w/apples, s.potatoes, potatoes and banana peppers. Turned out so yummy. It was sweet and I think next time I'll make it spicy.
Today's lunch is chocolate chili w/s.potatoes. I'm hoping it turned out OK. It went from crock-pot to fridge yesterday so I didn't sample it to make sure. I have found that this time around I am enjoying cooking more than I did the first time. The first time all I did was complain about all the dishes and having to cook all the time. My husband just laughed at me. I must be better prepared this time.

I'm sitting here listening to the baby monitor and it's playing here lullaby music and it is just making me want to nap! haha I guess I'll go find something to keep me awake. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Standing strong

Day 5!

I am spreading the word of the Whole30. Whenever I have to pass up things I have to explain why, last night we had treats at YW for personal progress and I had to cut up and pass out cake but couldn't indulge so they were interested why.  A couple of the girls were even like "that sounds interesting" of course you get a couple that are like "your crazy" but oh well.

So I woke up with a killer headache like I figured I'd have eventually but I was able to have some Aleve and tea and it went away. I checked my menu for the day and it was chili, but I forgot to put it in the crock-pot yesterday so that will have to be tomorrow. It sounds weird that I'm having chili on a 92 degree day. I'm getting ready to have a smoothie and figure out how to keep myself busy today. I find the busier I am the less I think about what I could be eating. I still don't want to kill anything so, so far I'm not going along with the Whole30 timeline, which I didn't really the last time either.

I tried to read some more of the happiness project yesterday but my husband had on Arrow and I got sucked in. It's a better show than I thought it would be. I also had been reading just a random book I picked off my shelf and found that I really liked it and looked up the author, there is a whole series of these books before the one I'm reading, so now I'm in a dilemma! Do I stop and go get the others and read those first or just finish and move on?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Living the tired life

Day 4!

In today's Whole30 timeline it is Kill all things but I think I'll make it. I did wake up with a headache and I'm exhausted but I'm going to fight through it, without freaking....I hope.
Yesterday I had a smoothie for breakfast because I had some frozen fruit I needed to use and it wasn't very good. Lunch was taco salad minus the salad because it had all gotten soggy. Dinner was on the run so it was a Lara bar. That's probably why I'm so tired this morning too.
 Today I will eat egg casserole for breakfast and pulled pork for lunch. I love pulled pork. I never use to be able to make it that good but I have now perfected it and make it all the time. Not sure what's going to happen with dinner but I have enough food prepped it will be compliant.
Yesterday I did my FB challenge that I joined which seems to be more lower body workouts so I need to get downstairs to do my upper. Need to say bye bye to the flabby arm!

So I am halfway through the "Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and I am liking some of her Ideas but am trying to figure out how to incorporate them. She started from the first of the year so I decided that I would just consider the 1st of September just as good and work on it like it was the first of the year but be done by the end of the year, so my months will have more than one goal. Obviously my goal for September is a healthy mind& body since I'm doing the whole30 and weights but I want to remember to take time to meditate also.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Beautiful day

Day 2!

Woke up feeling a little drained but worked through it. My husband is on vacation so we went hiking for a bit. We went to Ledges State Park and just went off on some trails then on our way home we walked down to the High Trestle Bridge, but the day has caught up with me and I'm feeling run down.
Breakfast was egg casserole w/avocado.
Lunch was a Lara bar and grapes because we were away from the house.
Dinner was Italian sausage over sweet potato w/side salad.
I had to switch up my menu for the week because I forgot my husbands home this week on vacation. He doesn't mind eating most things I make but I have to add or subtract some things.
I made an attempt to make my food look picture worthy but I'm not so sure that will be something I continue to do. It seems like a lot of work when I can just explain what I have eaten. I look at other blogs and they do an amazing job at it.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Day 1!

I have successfully made it through day 1 with no sugar,dairy, etc. There were brownies at church and then cookies were brought to my house for me but I politely passed. On Sundays I can usually fast most of the day because I don't do breakfast than I'm at church for 3 hrs and just do dinner.  
Tomorrow morning will be a test. I had quit a bit of Monster the week before so I will probably be dragging. We are going to go hiking to get out of the house before it gets hot again here. 

I'm almost done with the "Happiness project" and am trying to write down ideas that I want to share, and instill in my day. I find it interesting how you read about how someone else sees their life and it makes you go "oh yea, I could use some of that"