Friday, September 18, 2015



 I'm really happy that it's Friday and I get to sleep in a little tomorrow. I say a little because my two bratty dogs still get up like clock work so it usually means going back to bed until they complain enough to come back in, then I'm up for the day. I really hope they don't out live me because I want to sleep in some day. Vacations are the best, my daughter doesn't think so because she house sits, hehehe.

I had an early day with Abby. Daddy is doing the picking up because of a change in schedule so that's an hour and half that I'm like "well what do I do now?" So today I got some ideas flowing and created a binder to help me remember stuff.
I found the printable and editable cover at
I saved the web page so I could change it up whenever I wanted. Tons of cute stuff. I printed off some calendar pages and brainstorming ideas. I wish I would've been more prepared at the beginning of this month when I started than I am going into October. Oh well I guess it is a learning process.

I can't wait until next month. For one Halloween is my favorite holiday so I will be decorating this weekend but also do to reading the Happiness Project I know have resolutions that I want to tackle.  I started with a big thing last night. I began to write some much needed emails, but didn't send them yet. That'll come Monday and then I will be onto a whole new chapter of my life. I'm kind of sad but also excited to see what will come of it. I have been on this journey for 2 yrs now and I felt it was time for a different path. Not that it hasn't been a wonderful experience. It has just run it's course.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets out and does something that brings Joy!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I'm back at an early time. I am moving up my bed time a half hr so my routines will all be moved up. I didn't feel as tired today so that's nice but I am for sure feeling it know that it's time to power myself down. Sitting here with the house quiet and just reading articles online makes me sleepy.

What have I been reading you wonder? Well first I found some printables to help me brainstorm for my blog and then I got on Pinterest, have I mentioned how obsessed I am with Pinterest? I love this website and think it's the best thing on the internet. I have so many things around my house that I have been inspired to do from just scrolling along on Pinterest. OK so I created a binder for my blog and then I was looking up recipes.

What kind of recipes? Well I have decided to give Ketosis a try. I use to do Atkins and had no idea about this Keto diet. I found out some really interesting things and Alzheimer's runs in my family and that's on thing they say benefits from this type of diet, so I figured I would give it a try. Here is one of the many links that I found helpful.   I am going to start on Sunday since I need to make a trip to the store first and that will give me time to eat up my fruits.

I finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and would recommend it to someone who wanted ideas on how they could incorporate different ideas to be happier. I will be using some and already have next months planned out. I'm so far failing at this months. I didn't finish my Whole30, I haven't been hitting the weights like I wanted and I have yet to sit down and meditate! There are 2 weeks left in the month so I found a book I wanted to read on mindfulness and meditation so if I finish that then it won't be a complete bust.

Thankful Thursday, Today I'm thankful that I have access to a computer where I can pour out my thoughts

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Worn out Wednseday

I totally ruined my day and figured out that I am for sure a stress eater. I had a danish to make me feel better after having let Abby cry it out for her nap, Which I know she needed and she fights sleep like she's going to miss out on something spectacular. 

I wasn't able to get to my weights tonight. My day just got away from me and I still hurt, but I got a walk in that I didn't plan on so that's a plus. I also was up and down on a step stool and painting all day so that's kind of a workout...right!

I got the front room painted and some pictures moved around. I'm not liking the color but oh well. It looks good enough and it will be the last time I paint it. It looks good enough to sell, which is my main goal from here on out. If I could just get my stupid pool fixed then I'd be outta here. I know I can't leave the state but I sure can leave the south side.

I didn't make it to YW tonight and their LDS Family Feud but I just couldn't, I'm so tired that's why I'm writing this earlier than normal because I'm sure I'll be in bed shortly. I got my 8 hrs in last night but it doesn't feel like it. I should start keeping track of if 8 hrs really helps me or if I fell better on less.

Happy Hump day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tired Tuesday

Well I didn't get my living room painted today! I got the edges ready but it just wasn't meant to be. Miss Abby had a rough day and I needed to get out and go for a walk. I got 4.15 miles in before the heat of the day. Hopefully I get it done tomorrow. I wasn't impressed with the color. I wanted gray but the hubby wanted the lightest there was so it almost looks white. I'm praying that it turns out OK because I hate when I paint and it doesn't turn out the way I had pictured.
Man oh man was I sore this morning from my weight training last night. I am at it tomorrow again and I'm hoping it doesn't still hurt. I'll probably go with less weight on Wednesdays.

I had forgotten how many carbs were in all the fruits and veggies I was eating on the Whole30 so I had to print out a list to remind me and I'll have to strategically go through all the groceries I bought. I'm not going to lie, it's been nice having cheese. I'm good without the pastas and breads. I have gone without those for awhile. I found this website that is a good explanation of the Atkins.

I'm so tired tonight I think I'm going to turn in early! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Motivated Monday

It was a beautiful day today. the weather was a little warm for my hubby's taste but I love it. I wonder how we will manage to retire in Arizona like planned when his ideal temp is 65. I was inspired buy Arizona when I redid my bathroom.
And I got my grout done on my garage dump coffee table. It looks so tacky but until we move I refuse to spend lots of money on furniture. If I can't find it at a thrift store or make it, then to bad. Tomorrow my plan is to paint my living room. I had a hand painted tree on one wall where the ancestors were all hung, but every morning I get up and walk by and at least 2 picture frames would be crooked. I told them to knock it off but I think it'll just be easier to put them all back in my family albums. 

So I have decided that the next 2 weeks I'm going to do Atkins instead of Whole30. I did Atkins years ago and lost 20lbs. I will still not be having the sugars and will take away some of the veggies and fruits. I'll be able to have cheese :)
I started using my weights tonight. It wasn't bad. My father-in-law was the one who was like "hey, you use those weights yet?" lol so I figured I'd better get after it. I taped some plans to my wall and am doing M-W-F. Cardio has not been my friend. I need to get back into running but I just don't have the motivation!

I am starting Unbelievable by Stacy Horn.
I found it on my bookshelf and haven't made it to the library yet so I was like "why not"
Should be interesting. I believe in spirits and that I have angels watching over me but some people take it a bit to far. We will see if she does because I won't be able to finish the book.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead!