Friday, September 25, 2015

Active Wear

What's trending today!

So, the topic I saw all over today and even on The Talk, Active wear. Where is it OK to wear it and do some women over wear it? Lol I love that it was talked about today, as it is my first day ever wearing compression yoga capri. I have never felt comfortable in anything tight around my bum, but I broke down and bought a pair just to see if I would like them. After my walk this morning, I ran to the store in them. I guess here in Iowa it's not a big deal what people wear to the store so I have to say that it doesn't bother me that other people do it, it's myself that I'm always worried looks a fool!



I am still into trying to find fun active wear that I feel comfortable in. I am very self conscious about the way I look. There is Fabletics but I think the patterns are to busy and I just can't pay that much for clothes I'm just going to get all stinky.

I have found that Target and Marshals is a good place to find discounted active wear. I usually stick with all black, but I did break out of the comfort zone and found a bright pink pair of shorts.

Whatever you feel comfortable in is good as long as you are being active for a healthy life! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday feeling like a Friday

Geese Galore!!
Went on a run/walk this morning and it really is so nice out right now that I had to share. This is at one of our parks that are around a lake. Got in almost 6 miles, was a sweaty mess but it felt great.
I don't know that I'm going to make it another week on this Keto plan. I feel way more deprived than I did on Whole30 because at least I could have all the fruits and veggies i wanted and those things are high in carbs so it's limited. I need to get over my obsession with losing 10 more pounds and just be happy wit the way I look now...I wish!!

Tried to meditate today and was so tired I actually dozed off a bit! It was after I read this article.
I have a lot left to learn on what it means to meditate.

Weekend visit to meet some family is a go and I got my daughter to come along! I hope it goes well. I'm not the best with strangers or family that is like a stranger. I was nice and extended an invite to my estranged brother but he said he'd pass. I guess that's a good thing since I'd rather slam my head against a wall that be in the same room as someone who can so carelessly choose a friend over their own blood. Man am I tired of the drama! That's why I need to meditate :)

Have blessed night!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

learning to enjoy the peace

What a wonderful Wednesday! I got out and took a long, sweaty walk this morning. It felt good and I need to be making sure that I'm doing it more often because it's Fall now and it will turn cold soon!

I got more into my book on meditation and downloaded an app. It started me with 3 mins. It seemed like forever since my brain is always on but I think I can get better at it. The book has some good Quotes. "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts." Buddha. I hope to finish it this week but if not then I'm in the car for 2 hrs on Saturday so I'll finish it then.

I did some research on intermediate fasting. I found this good example.
I had started introducing this about a month ago. I stopped eating past 7pm and then didn't eat until 9am, then moved it till noon. I never did like breakfast and can really get behind this type of fasting. I can't do the whole 24hrs, which is what you are expected to do when you are a member of the LDS church. I weighed this morning and am down a lb since Sunday. Saturday will be my carb day, then I'll go another week on Keto and see if it makes me feel any different than on the Whole30.

I'm so excited! I get to meet my 85 yr old great uncle for the first time Saturday! He is riding his Harley here from Oklahoma. I can't wait. I have been estranged from this side of the family for 18yrs do to circumstances beyond my control and now I'm getting to know these people again. I can't even contain my excitement.

Happy Hump day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Feeling a touch better


I have had a lazy day. The hubby and I took Oreo for a walk this morning but other than that I haven't really accomplished much, but I did start my book. The Healing power of Meditation.
So far I have touched on the reasoning for the book. Having a headache makes it hard to focus on reading so I hopefully get more done tomorrow.


I thought it was a good idea to take Oreo for a walk down to PetCo becasue we needed to get some ground coverage for the CWD (chinese water dragon) Gallum. We live like 3 miles from it and I needed to try and walk off my headache. It turned out to be way hotter than I thought and Oreo was overheated, but he had his first experience at PetCo.
This is our spoiled baby Oreo. He was found in a parking lot by my job and the ARL never came to get him and when I tried to drop him off they asked for us to foster him...needless to say no one ever claimed him and my hubby felt sorry for him. He has been such a source of stress, chewing up everything you could imagine. I have thought about finding a new home for him so many times but he acts like I'm actually his mother that I think it would be very hard on him to be sent away so I just try to walk him as much as possible to wear him out!


I did good today with the low carb. I kept it under 20g and the hubby didn't complain since he was home from work and had to eat it too. I had to go get another box of eggs since I have them with 2 meals. I had made a casserole last week before starting this and forgot that I had potatoes in it so that has to be replaced. I did end up having a low carb Monster to try and help with my headache so that wasn't really healthy but it worked so I'll take it.
Tomorrow if going to be my fast day so I'll probably only eat dinner. Just a week and half left of this and see how I feel then. I made it 5 days with the ACV in the morning but it makes me nauseous so I don't think I can keep at it.

I hope that if you are trying anything I am that it is bringing you Joy!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Withdraws make me tired!

I did it! I sent out an email to my Bishop asking to be released from my calling. I just had to do it. It wasn't bringing me Joy and I can no longer be focusing on what makes others happy. I feel bad about it but not enough to continue on the path I'm on.

I am really feeling the withdraws from the lack of sugar. My head is killing me and I am exhausted. I 'm so glad that I don't have Abby tomorrow so I can just veg out on the couch.

I checked out a The Healing Power of Meditation By Andy Fraser. It has a bunch of Dr's opinions and scientific research. I hope that it might help with the headaches and stress.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Make up day

I totally was worthless yesterday and when my alarm went off reminding me to blog I didn't have it in me! My hubby is sick so we vegged on the couch watching Arrow and I think it started rubbing off on me because my head was hurting...unless it was all the carbs I had! 

Well whatever it was I'm feeling better today and ready to attack this week of 20g of carbs a day. I fasted most of this day and had 12g for dinner. I think it'll be OK. I remember doing Atkins and once I got over the first few days it was easier. I'm hoping that my hypoglycemia doesn't flare up and make me lightheaded like the Whole30 did. I read that if I get 2tbps of coconut oil and ghee plus sea salt a day that might help. The hubby isn't happy that he has to share his cheese with me. The Whole30 he was the only one eating and he loves his cheese.

I have been pondering about a big change that I want to make and I was positive about the way I wanted to go but today on our way to church, something was said that had me second guess myself. Then all throughout church I kept feeling like the message was geared towards me. I am going to sleep on it and take that first step in the morning if that's what my gut tells me. I never before was so indecisive about things. If I wanted to do something I was going to do it, and now I'm always more concerned about how it will effect others that it has me taking awhile to follow through with stuff. I should probably work on that as a resolution.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week!