Saturday, October 17, 2015

Finished projects!


The hubby and I have been busy. I am throwing in the towel but he's still at it. I am feeling so old and sore. My carpel tunnel really kicked my butt today. 

Dinning Room

I got my table cut down and the chairs. Thankfully I grabbed 2 others from another room so I only had to possibly screw up 2. I did not! 
Benches are painted. The sprayer did not want to work for me so I went from both black to one black and one a turquoise color. Sprayer is in the trash! That is one reason my hands are killing, holding down the spray paint cans hurts, plus first I scraped the old paint off.
I am not so sure I like it but it's to late now.
benches before. I forgot to take a pic of the table, but it was one of those high ones.

Finished project

I got my old bookshelf tore apart and put back together. Painted it, put on the pad and fabric. I still need to put some sort of board across the back for extra support and get some baskets for winter accessories. It is not a color I would've normally picked but my house is so full of gray and black that I thought it would be good to throw something different in there.

thinking it might need some legs?? I just noticed my dog off in the corner :)

I think next weekend we will only be worrying about getting the leaves all cleaned up.

Friday, October 16, 2015

So many projects!

Almost forgot

I was so busy with my day and trying to get ready for my projects that I almost went to bed without blogging. I am exhausted but am excited for the days ahead.


I have wanted to get a new dinning table forever! I even sanded it down and painted it to try and like it better...didn't work. So I have decided to cut the legs down so it sits like a typical table instead of a high one. Almost was a disaster, that's why you measure twice, cut once! 

So I have these benches that came from my grandparents house back in the 50's. I am going to paint them to go along with the table. I am going to cut a couple of chairs also. I hope that turns out better than the table.

Next I need to replace the bench so I am going to cut down a bookshelf to make a bench for my entryway. I was going to redo a dresser for there and if I screw up the bookshelf I might have to. I just like having something to sit down on to put my shoes on and set stuff on when coming in the house. 

I also might be putting a big hole in a wall for my TV to go in but I have yet to decide if I want to take on that right now.

The hubby is building a cage for Gallum while I'm doing my table stuff. So we will both be pretty busy. I hope he can create something he likes. He already made an extension but he didn't like it.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

finding happiness

New resolutions!

So, I extended my happiness reading onto a book written with the help of Dali Lamas about happiness and it got me thinking more about the resolutions I chose for October and also some other choices I was throwing around.

Does it bring you happiness....

First to be on my change list was my Bible study. I am no longer going to stress about finishing the Bible by the end of the year, if ever. I just do not think that forcing myself to read it. It isn't putting myself in the right frame of mind to be feeling the spirit. I still have the app and can listen to it instead of read it.

Second was the way I am stressed about the lack of a relationship with my family. I have decided that I can not control the way others live their lives or force myself on them so if they choose to stay away then I have to be OK with it and move on.

Third wasn't really a resolution, actually Second wasn't either. We have decided not to move. There were so many pros and cons and then when I went through them again I asked myself if it was going to make me happy. Our weather in winter isn't the best and hubby doesn't always get off work at a reasonable time, so I would be stressing about the 45 minute drive home. Why would I do that to myself??

My other resolutions have been going smother. I have been getting some genealogy done, got some jewelry glue so I can start another bracelet.

I fixed my red hair to an auburn/brown so that I can handle looking in the mirror.

Got my headaches back so I'm thinking that it might be time for another Whole30 before Thanksgiving. If I start Sunday I will have time and maybe feel better.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

a bright new day


I never thought that I would ever go from a blonde to a red-head! I had been looking at pictures of myself and noticed that how the blonde didn't make my complexion and really was wanting to go dark again. Red I guess you wouldn't call dark but the hubby picked it out so I did it. I am really not sure I like it. I guess I'll give it the rest of the week and see.

Sticking with the changes theme. I found this article I wanted to share.

How Positive Thinking Really Can Change Your Life BY 

She first talks about goals. I agree that making a list of goals is a good motivator.

Second she say be grateful. That is something we should all do and not only in November for Thanksgiving.

Positive self talk is third. I wish that was something I could get on board with but I think it is just burnt into my brain that it's easier to tell myself how much of a failure I am.

Fourth has to do with looking for the good. I have had some practice with that. When you just get dumped on you can only go up from there so turn it around and see how it's good.

She recommends a vision board for fifth and I agree that it can't hurt. I have created one and it does make me feel positive when I look at it.

And her last suggestion is Get Busy! Put all of the above into action.  

I read this article for myself but I hope that if you feel it might help you also, that you look it up and read the whole thing.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Supernatural distractions


I should really turn off my Netflix subscription. I have a problem! haha whenever I start watching a show I just can't stop at one. I have been waiting for the 10th season of Supernatural forever and I was scrolling through Netflix and noticed that they finally had it, so I can't stop. I love this show. It's so funny and interesting at the same time. I'm glad they did not stop at 9 seasons.

Fitness Blender

I use to have a health coach and she turned me onto FB. It is a fitness website created by a married couple. They have a wide variety of videos on all body parts. Weights and cardio for men and women. Today I didn't stick to my eating, so I pushed myself to do a cardio video

 and then some arm weights. I am feeling kind of weak, probably over did the weights and will feel it tomorrow.


So I have added alarms to my phone for me to be able to stick to a routine of some kind. I feel like I have no self control and would just sit on the couch after Abby leaves, all night long. I set it to do My Bible study, recreational reading and meditation. I hope this works.

This is my happy spot. It makes me feel zen!

Sunday, October 11, 2015



I'm going to be personal here for a minute. I was married to my soul mate 3 years ago today! We were in a short lived relationship back when I was in middle school and he felt he was to old for me because he was in high school. I knew then that we were meant to be but who was I to say. So we went our different ways but the side of town we live on it's hard to not run into someone from your past. I actually became friends with his wife (at the time) and we were in each others  lives for about 15 years. Then our lives would change drastically and throw us back into a relationship like it never ended. Long story short! Thanks for listening.
We went to my in-laws church this morning and then out to lunch where we ate 3 years ago.
Now the rest of the day is dedicated to drinking and watching football!!

Tomorrow is 20 days till the end of the month. I am going to buckle down and get my eating back under control. It's like I can't do anything half way. If I fall off the wagon I fall hard. Cookies, chips, pastas and booze! No more. Just need to pull up some menu ideas so I can run to the store in the morning.

The weather this week is going to be beautiful!! No excuses not to get out EVERY DAY and get an hour of cardio in. Weights should be a priority and I have them in my basement I just do know what my problem is.

I printed off some Bible study workbooks to hopefully help me get through the week a little better than last. I am going to set an alarm on my phone to make sure that I set time apart from my day to spend an hour reading. I had been doing it in the morning before Abby gets here but that's not a whole hour so maybe like 8pm would be good then it will be my winding down for the day. I can have it go along with meditation and some yoga too.