Friday, October 30, 2015

Whole30 Round 2, Day 6

Exhaustion has set in!

I have made it six days and according to the Timeline it is need a nap day. My first round of Whole30 I felt exhausted for more than a few days. My detox was horrible, but I stuck it out. Days 4/5 says it's kill all things but thankfully I did not feel like that but I am feeling this.

Days 6-7: I just want a nap…

Okay, so its day 6 and you made it through the last phase without smiting anyone. The thing is, today you don’t feel like you could smite anyone if your life depended on it! It’s 10 am and all you can think about is crawling under your desk for a catnap. As the day drags on, the surface of your desk is morphing, from hard wooden surface to snuggly warm pillow, right before your eyes. You hit the gym, but only halfheartedly, unable to face the barbell with any kind of conviction. You crawl into bed at 8 p.m. only to drag yourself out eleven hours later feeling no more rested than you did the night before.
So what’s the deal?! Isn’t eating like this supposed to increase energy levels? Yes…in the long run. Right now, your body is learning that it can’t rely on all those easy access energy sources it used to know and love. Gone are the days of cinnamon crunch muffins and Frappuccinos. Now your body is learning to efficiently burn fat and protein as its fuel sources, and that takes more effort – and some time. If you can hold out just a bit longer, you’ll definitely reap the benefits. (Besides, you could probably use a day off from the gym anyway, right?)

 When I tried again in September I failed on this day. I am determined not to have a repeat. I went to the store today and got some stuff for different meals next week and the hubby has been keeping his goodies cabinet locked so I don't even go near it. Yes I said locked. I bought a childproof lock for it so I have to actually work at getting in there, in a way to make myself feel accountable for getting in there. 

I was working on my calendar for November and on my wall calendar I wrote on each day the days I had left, like a countdown I can see and check off. I have my goals for the week on my fridge where I have to look at them frequently.

Making healthy baby food I broke my blender so I splurged and go myself a blender/food processor. I am excited to use it. The last Whole30 I got a slicer but am scared to use it because when I did last, I took off a lot of my thumb, so you could say I have a fear of it now.

I am trying to keep myself busy with other things so I don't think about the food I could be eating. It is easier said than done when you can barely get off the couch, hopefully in a couple days the energy kicks back in. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

10 songs that make me happy

Post 50!

I can't believe this is my 50th post. I never thought I would get into blogging and here I am with 50 under my's to 50 more.

Music & Mood

OK so I have a hard time first thing in the morning. Abby just wants to sit on my lap and I need to get things done. I sweep, mop and vacuum because my dogs are gross and my floors are not fit to be crawled around on. I can't have her crawling around crying after me so I have found that music makes us happy. She gets distracted and I get things done. I wanted to share my list. 

1.Raging Fire

2.Little Lion Man

3.Shake It Off!


5.Shut up and Dance!

6.Fell in LOVE with a girl

7. Rollercoaster


9. Marry You

Last but certainly not least

10. Geronimo

I have lots of other choices and might make another playlist or two to switch out.
I hope you like my list and it gives you some ideas. I'm not sure that the links will work because I still am learning how to do this blog stuff...sorry if they don't.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The things you can do with a little elbow grease

I'm no designer..but

I have lived in the same house for 4 years now and it was not my choice so I am constantly trying to make it comfortable for me. I feel like your surroundings reflect how you see yourself and it also has an influence on your attitude. 

I'm going to share a list of things I have done to my house just to give you an idea of how far I will go to feel at ease in my own home. Now all of this has been at my own hand (with help from the hubby when needed)

1. Knocked out 2 full walls in my entryway. In order to make a more open concept.

2. We tore up marble tile that was put on top of wood floors! What a crime. It was horrible. The hubby was a trooper for that one. Then they needed sanded and refinished.

3. I have painted every inch of my house...some rooms more than once. I feel like paint is an easy pick me up. It really can change the way you feel when you are in that room.

4. I wanted an open concept kitchen/dining room so I put a hole in the wall. I couldn't take it completely out because of wiring and structure but I have an opening with a ledge on it. I LOVE it. It is my favorite thing I have done.

5. Put in a back-splash in the kitchen. What a mess! I will never tile again. 

6. We added a little deck on the front of the house and lots of plants for curb appeal.  Oh and painted the entire outside. My big thought with front outside projects are for resale value.

7. Tore out an old, nasty drop ceiling in the basement and painted the beams black instead of putting another one up. It is now my gym area so I didn't think it needed a finished look. I might change my mind if it effects selling it.

8. My kitchen cupboards were just the plain, standard ones you find a lot. I took shelf liner and put it on the front and painted over it. It is a unique look that I hope doesn't have someone thinking I'm crazy.

9. We added a few ceiling fans since my house doesn't really get a good breeze with the windows open. We started scrapping the popcorn off the ceilings,but man that is a chore.

10. Last but not least would be all the furniture arranging and picture hanging. That can mean all the difference. If you have a cluttered room you can feel distracted and antsy, but if you have a room that is clean and clear you feel light and cheerful.

Well that's my home improvement history in my current house. I would love to move and hopefully in a few years we can. Then it will I'm sure start all over because I love a good remodel! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

We all need a little motivation

What motivates you?

#motivationmonday I am really feeling like the more motivation the better. I had forgotten to weigh yesterday so I weighed this morning and that gave me some motivation. I am still 10lbs down from my first round. I am hoping that my 2nd round will give me 10 more. Whatever I need to do to accomplish that I need to do. I found this website that has some fun inpiration. Joyful Living 

Day 2 Menu

I did not eat breakfast. I know that is a big no no but I can't make myself do it. I have breakfast food I just am not hungry before 9 or 10 am and even sometimes it will be 11 before I eat. I have read that intermediate fasting is OK so I don't feel as bad for not getting breakfast in. 
Lunch: Pulled pork on a sweet potato w/salad

Snack: Lara bar, I know that those are no longer Whole30 compliant but I love them and have an addition to bars and most of them have sugar in them. So I guess if that's wrong then I'm wrong and do not plan on giving them up.

Dinner: Egg roll in a bowl w/sugar peas. My daughter came over to help make it and she just kept saying "this is not how you make an egg roll" she is an egg roll pro. I kept telling her it's OK it's not really an egg roll. She liked it and said she was going to make it sometime but add noodles or rice, which I can't.

Snack: After that salty dinner I needed sweet. I had a banana w/almond butter. Yummy!

I didn't get in my water but I did get in my 10,000 steps. I really need to work at the water.

I hope that everyone out there that started a Whole30 is doing well! Just find some motivation.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I feel confident and here's 4 reasons why


Today being  prep day it gave me time to think, while cutting and baking. I was trying tor prep myself along with the food. So I came up with my encouragements.

1. Planning

I have made sure to have my menu written where I can see it and have made all the food I can before hand so that I'm not using it as an excuse to just eat whatever. I cut up lots of veggies, made my breakfast casserole and the pulled pork is done. I loved pulled pork the first time around. It's so good inside a sweet potato with avocado on the side. My daughter is coming over tomorrow to help me make egg roll in a bowl. She makes really good homemade egg rolls so I enlisted her help.

2. Support

I couldn't talk anyone into doing it with me but my husband has promised not to let me break down and have sugar. Even when I get cranky and want a cookie he's not going to let me.

3. Failure

I hate the fact that in September I failed after a week and that is great motivation to finish this one. If I can do it once I can do it again. I just have to keep telling myself that. I won't be to happy with myself if I fail again. I have this as a motivator in my other blog 3 reasons for a Whole30.

4. This ones my favorite!

My dishwasher is fixed!! I'm so excited that I won't have to hand was all the dishes that I create when doing a Whole30. I was so sick of dishes by the end of the second week of round 1 that I think I had a melt down and started crying. To not have to worry about having clean dishes is a huge bonus. If you have done a Whole30 you know the problem. Cooking all your food at home is a lot of work.