Friday, November 6, 2015

30 day marriage challenge

A few weeks ago I posted about a few things you could do in 30 days and I wanted to follow up on one I chose.

Now I do not feel that my husband and I are having a rough go of it and need some help, but then again why wait till it gets bad to correct it, just don't let it get my thinking.

I am on my third marriage and believe me I want to get it right this time!

I found a challenge on Pinterest and thought it would be easy enough to do, but there's wasn't as funny as I thought mine should be so I changed it.

                   30 day marriage challenge

1.     Ask “What can I help you with?”
2.     No correcting…aloud anyway
3.     3 hugs or more
4.     Kiss in the morning
5.     Remember he’s doing his best
6.     Make or buy his favorite food
7.     Leave a sweet note or text
8.     Plan a date night
9.     Put yourself in his shoes
10. Kill him with kindness
11. Tell him you are glad you married him
12. Pray for wisdom
13. No sarcasm!
14. Be a blessing
15. Only have positive thoughts
16. Thank him
17. Laugh with him…not at him
18. Be like a wife you admire, hopefully not Peggy Bundy
19. No chores
20. Have patience with him…and probably yourself
21. Forgive him
22. Assume the best
23. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
24. Let him talk or in my case make him talk
25. Ask his opinion…doesn’t mean you have to take it
26. Encourage him
27. Do something for his health…hide his monster& cigs
28. Admire him…not just his backside
29. Turn off all electronics
30. LOVE him!

So here we are on day 6 and things are just fine. I let him read it in case there was anything he needed to mull over.
We always kiss good morning because he works nights so we don't get to kiss good night.
We love hugs so the 3 was nothing. It seems every time we walk by each other we will get a quick hug. They say that a 20 second hug is as good as an anti-depressant.
We are always helping each other, but I did yell out "can I help you with that?" when he was bringing the laundry up and he laughed. 
I will have to wait till the weekend for the favorite meal because if he gets home super late, he sleeps all day, until it's time to leave again.

Well that's our journey so far! If you want to use this challenge, please do!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

What is there to be thankful for?

What am I thankful for......

Top 3 reasons that I am thankful for technology.

1. I have social anxiety, with the help of technology I can keep in contact with friends and family in an environment that is comfortable. I can hold off interacting if I need to or reach out when feeling low. Resources for social anxiety I haven't had this my whole life, just over the past few years have I developed it and at times it is really difficult. I can go days without leaving the house and try not to, unless I have my husband or daughter with me. If I go out alone it is very easy for me to feel overwhelmed. I would so much rather interact via the computer or by text. Talking on the phone is sometimes hard because I feel I might say the wrong thing. When texting you can think out what you want to say. It is one of those things that are very easily overlooked and some look down on or make fun of. Next time you are out in public and you see someone having a hard time, try not to be negative about it, they may not be able to control it.

2. The internet is a vast source of ideas! I love to be creative and with the help of websites like PinterestInstructables and Craftgawker the possiblilites are endless. I love the way that everyone is so ready to share their ideas with the world in order to help inspire others to do the same. My house is full of things made possible by, thinking it would work, searching for tips on how it could work and making it work.

3. Genealogy! I have over the past few years really gotten into finding my families past. I do not have the best relationship with my parents, I didn't really know my grandparents and I feel like I missed out. That's where technology steps in to fill in the pieces. I have 3 different websites with trees on them. Ancestry, Myheritage and Familysearch
These are great resources to start a family search. is the only one free without a subscription and is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which are highly involved with doing genealogy so the resources through them are endless. 
There is also ways to find census information, obituaries, war records and pictures, free for the searching. I have found so much information about my family that when you come across a new story it makes you feel close to them, even though they are not here. This is a hobby that I advise everyone to try.

Well those are my top 3 reasons that I am thankful for technology. What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Whole30 R2 D10

My Whole30 is going way better than I expected it to. I thought that I would share what the Timeline says about today. 

Days 10-11: The Hardest Days.

Fact: you are most likely to quit your Whole30 program on Day 10 or 11. By this point, the newness of the program has worn off. You’ve made it through most of the unpleasant physical milestones, but you’ve yet to experience any of the “magic” the program promises. You’re still struggling to establish your new routine (read: you’ve eaten eggs prepared ten different ways over the last ten days), and while you’ve been trying really hard to have a good attitude, today you are incredibly aware of all the foods you’re “choosing not to eat right now.”  Everywhere you look, you see the things you “can’t” have: the melted cheese on a greasy burger, the creaminess of that double-scoop cone, the cold beer in your best friend’s tailgate cooler. Dammit, this is hard! And right now you’re wondering if the results will really be as good as “they” all say it is.
You’re cranky, you’re impatient, and you’re really, really tempted to just eat the stupid cheese.
This is where you really start to experience the psychological hold that your food habits have on you. You’ve put in a lot of effort to get to where you are right now, but you’re still waiting for the results you’re hoping to see. Your  brain tells you that you deserve some kind of reward (don’t you?) and, of course, we’ve been conditioned to think of food as the best reward out there. Right now, you’re craving that ice cream, beer, or whatever treat you think would make for just the right reward. But, instead of that treat, you’re standing face to face with the realization that you have 20 more days of deprivation ahead of you.
The key here is to redefine your idea of reward.  Think long and hard about the foods you’re grieving and ask yourself what need you’re expecting them to fulfill.  Are you feeling anxious and looking for reassurance?  Are you feeling sad, and looking for something to cheer you up? Are you worried you won’t successfully finish the program, and it’s easier to self-sabotage than fail? Remind yourself that food cannot fill that void for you—cannot make you feel truly accomplished, comforted, calm, happy, beautiful. Then, find another way to fill that need that does not involve those foods. Prepare yourselves for these days, knowing that all you have to do is see them through to the other side before things get much, much easier.
I love how it says that the newness has worn off. I do not think that applys to people on round 2. I planned ahead for this day. I made my favorite go to and did not feel deprived.

I always have a pork butt in the crockpot!!

I thought that I would share some food choices with you. Pulled pork is my Favorite.  
My Newest recipe I have tried and loved is Egg Roll in a Bowl. Ancestral-Nutrition has a pretty straight forward recipe for it.

this is what my egg roll in a bowl looked like

And my recipe I want to try is a pizza meatloaf. I found one on Just Jessie B's website and it looks yummy. I think that will be a must this weekend.

So I have beaten my day 10 freak out by making the food work for me! My go-to, something new and a plans to try. Here's to 20 more days and hoping I'm as positive in 10 more days.

Monday, November 2, 2015

5 tips I plan on applying to my Blog

I spent Sunday on the couch trolling Pinterest, since I have no energy from the Whole30. I found so many people are willing to share their tips and ideas on blogging and what has worked for them.  

I decided that I would share what I found, that I think will work for me and maybe it is what you already do and agree.

5 tips I plan on applying...

1. Lots of blogs stress that photography is key. We are a visual people and if you post a bad picture or no picture than that will turn away readers. I agree that a good picture draws my eye, but I am not the best at taking a good picture. I bookmarked a website that will hopefully help me with the editing. I now find myself thinking, "what can I take a picture of to use for my blog".

2. With a busy life comes lots of information, hence the next one. Organization. I love a good planner and am always trying out different ways to organize my day, so I agree that to be blogging you would need to be organized. If you just try to fly by the seat of your pants then you end up more stressed out than you need to be. Blogging should be fun!!

3. OK so I understand when people say that you "should comment on other blogs"
I know from experience, not knowing what people think of your blog can be discouraging, so if you can help encourage another blogger you should. I am not saying stalk and harass people, just give them a heartfelt thank you for the time they took to post something and if you have a fun story to go along you can share with them so they feel like their post was worth it. My goal is at least 2 comments a day.

4.  I came across a lot of posts about your About Me page and how it should look. When I first started my blog that really threw me. "I have to talk about myself! Why would I need to do that?" I'm sure most people out there feel the same way. I have changed it a few times and have decided that when I get inspired by something new I will change it up. Keeping it fun and catchy is the key. It is hard to be funny and objective about yourself, or maybe it's just me. Might be an introvert thing.

5. Writing a blog isn't just about what craft you made or food you cooked. You need to put your personality into it. I know I just commented about how hard it was to write my about me page and here I am saying to add personality to your blog. Well apparently that is what keeps people coming back. If someone is drawn to your personality they will be interested in what you have to say.

Those are my 5. There are plenty others like, hosting a party and linking up, but I do not know how to do that and I figured since I'm not blogging for a paycheck that it wasn't something I needed to work on. Maybe some day down the road I will update my list and add some stuff but for now this is not overwhelming for me.

I hope that my list was interesting enough that you were not thinking it's just another list.

an attempt at fun editing!