Friday, December 11, 2015

If I won the lottery

OK, so my blog challenge for today is my most proud moment and that is for sure the birth of my daughter. Hands down most proud. And tomorrows is if I won the lottery. I of course would do lots of donating and paying for family's bills. 

I have worked out so hard this week that I wanted to share that instead of talking about what I'd do with lottery money that will never happen.

I started my Jillian Michaels inspired 30 day workout. It's a combination I found here. I din't order the DVD's so thankfully this rotation is all available on Youtube.


I got up @6 to get my first workout in.
I did the 30 day shred, level 1 and 15 minutes on the elliptical.
I got my steps in but for the life of me I can't remember how. I need to start writing these things down!


I got up @410 to get done before Abby got here.
I did 30 day shred, level 1 and then I danced around my house for an hour. I know that probably sounds weird but I turned on Spotify and Abby was so happy, that I just was like running in place to the music and dancing around. I got 14,ooo steps in.


Up @410
I did No more trouble zones for 50 mins and 10 mins on the elliptical.
It was a nice day so I went and walked for 3 1/2 miles. Got my steps in.


Up @410
Back to the 30 day shred, level 1 (which was easier today)
I got on the stationary bike for 10 mins and I went for a half hour walk around the lake.


I can't wait till tomorrow and not getting up @410!
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, 55 minutes kicked my butt! That's a hard one to be happy to do. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Celeb crush

My first celebrity crush....

This is an interesting topic. I did not have to think about it at all. It has always been the same person.

John Cusack

I have had a thing for John Cusack for a long time. He sure is  hansom and a good actor. He really can play a role and make you believe he is that person. These are my top 5 favorite movies that he has stared in and it was REALLY hard to narrow it down to only 5! You can find all sorts of fun facts on wikipedia.

1. Say Anything

This is where it started! I totally fell in love with Loyd Dobler. I mean who doesn't want their man to love them that much. I was hooked. 

(Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)
2. Pushing Tin

This movie is funny and the banter between John and Billy Bob Thorton just works well. I myself have been in that same situation in my marriage so I could relate.

3. High Fidelity

This movie was fun to watch because who wouldn't want to work at a record store and the 2 skateboarding shoplifters is just comedy. I felt bad for his poor luck with women but it made for a good movie.

4. Must Love Dogs

I had to own this movie because I watched it so much. Such a cute romantic role. He does romantic roles very well. And I love me some dogs. 

5. Raven

I in no way like poetry or Edgar Allen Poe but I went to see this movie just because John was in it. I was impressed. I didn't know that it was fictional because I didn't know anything about the poets life. It seemed real enough. Worth watching no matter what the critics say.

Like I said, there are way more than 5 favorites but I don't wanna make some crazy long list and look like a stalker.

Cusack at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Let's talk tattoos

Today is an easy share. I get to talk about my tattoos and piercings, plus show and old photo of me. I think I was better looking when I was younger, as I age I think I look to much like my mother...yikes!

So I'll start with tattoos. I would take pictures but I have to many for that.

My pride and joy is my back piece. It is a train across the lower back and it has my family name in it. It was done as a memorial to my Pappy. He was train engineer. Which is funny because so is my hubby.

Let's see, I have a sun and moon on opposite ankles, for my day and night moods. Those are small but they hurt because of where they are. It started as cover up I don't remember it has been so long.

I have just a small Asian symbol for Harmony on my hand, also a cover up, but that was a scar.

The back of my neck I have my zodiac symbol. Capricorn. It was a bleeder and kind of painful. It's covered by my hair most of the time. I just felt I needed it. My friend was in the shop getting something so I figured why not.

One shoulder has a Grateful Dead bear. It was a cover up of Dizzy Devil. A very poor rendition at that. The bear is green. I went through a faze where I collected Grateful Dead stuff.

My other shoulder has the back of an angel. It's a cover up of my daughters fathers name. It has brown hair like my daughter and I got it when she was little so it's kind of another tattoo for her. Both shoulders were kind of painful but better than my neck and ankles.

Oh and I can't forget the small "tramp stamp" I got at a concert. It was all the rage to get tattoos in the center of your lower back but I was by no means a tramp. It's just a heart and really poorly done, but what do I expect when you got to a concert and walk away with a tattoo.

Well that's it for tattoos. 8 in all. All but the tramp stamp were done by the same person. He did a wonderful job covering up all the mistakes I made before I found him. I would love to add one more as a memorial for my Grammy but my artist moved away and I have control issues. One day hopefully.

Piercings, I have the standard ones in my ear that I wear every once in awhile. I also have 13 more holes in my ears but I don't wear earrings in them any more so I'm sure most have closed up. As a teen I would just pierce my ears for fun.
I once had my belly button the state fair, guess what, it got infected! Yea don't get something like that done at a fair. 
Oh and I have my nose pierced. It has been done so long it's like I forget that it's there.

Now here is my old picture. It is of me and my daughter when she was almost 2. It is by far my favorite picture ever done of us, and she's 22 now.
I wish my hair still looked like that, haha

Monday, December 7, 2015

Personal Traits

3 traits I'm proud of...

That is the challenge for today. Share 3 traits I'm proud of. I really am starting to rethink this 31 day blog challenge because I do not talk about myself very kindly nor do I like sharing it with others. I guess it is a learning experience!

OK so trait #1


I like to think that I am generous to a fault. I would rather give than receive and will do it when ever I get the chance. I like to tip big, donate often and my tithe is usually more than 10%. I'm not sure why I am this way. I don't remember growing up and seeing that as an example in my household or from the people around me. It just makes me happy when others are happy.

trait #2


I will admit that I use to not care what others were going through. I was self centered. I had it thrown in my face quit often, but I am not that way anymore. I will remind myself when someone around me is having a bad day or takes something out on me, that maybe they are not meaning the things they are saying. I have acted a fool in my past so I can have that perspective now.

trait #3


This one I am most proud of. I care for everyone around me. I don't even know how really to express that I am caring. I would give someone the shirt off my back if they needed it. I wish I acted upon this more often but I am an introvert who has anxiety so going out into the world to dive into helping is often to scary. My heart is in the right place.

So those are my traits, but since I don't blog on the weekends, Yesterdays was my 10 favorite food.
1. PIZZA!!
2. Doritos
3. Cookies
4. Burritos
6. Pulled Pork
7. Deconstructed egg roll
8. Mongolian Beef
9. Chicken
10. PIZZA!!

I use to be a very picky eater! I only would eat certain things but as I grew up my taste buds changed. Then I did a Whole30 and could only eat certain foods. I had to do a lot of cooking and finding new ways to make things healthy so my tastes have changed, except for the fact that I could eat pizza every day.  

That's all the sharing I can do for one day. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow because It's talking about my tattoos :)