Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Meditation

I have been trying to get in the habit of meditating every day. Mornings work for some people but I do it when I shut down for the day, before I read.
I have been using a couple different apps just to see what works best.
You should read this article on the benefits of meditation.

I know for me, I can't have someone talking to me. It just seems to distract me. That is what I have found with Calm for android. The link is to the desktop version of this app. The desktop is a very simple version of the android app, the app has different programs you can choose from. So far though on the app, the lady interrupts your meditation to talk. I would look for something that doesn't break into your meditation.

I have had this app on my Kindle forever and it is my go to...when I remember that it's there. It's called Meditate Free. There is no link to it because there is no desktop version of it. It is available on tablet and phone. I like it because it is customization. You can start a plan and set all the sounds and times. I like that you don't have any interruption from someone talking.

There are so many ideas and opinions floating around cyber space about Meditation. It has become more mainstream than it use to be. People use to just attribute it to monks and maybe peace loving hippies, but know everyone does it.

I found this cute graphic with 10 steps to mindful meditation. I agree with all of them. It really does help to focus on your breath, especially if you get distracted. I can't sit with my legs crossed because I have a hip problem so I have one leg straight out and the other pulled up. I find it hard for me to stay in the upright position because I have horrible posture, but this has helped with that.

So if you are feeling stressed and do not want to take drugs to calm down, try meditating. Try out different apps or music to see what works best for YOU, and then make a habit of it. Search Pinterest for ways to make it something you love to do.

Picture courtesy of NYPL digital collection 

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