Monday, January 4, 2016

Motivational Monday

It's a new week! Starting it off right.

Keto Prep

Yesterday, I made my breakfast quiche for the week. It has ham and broccoli in it. I don't normally eat breakfast. I try to fast until at least 9am since I stop eating @ 6pm, so I ususally eat this for dinner.
I made my pulled pork, which is a staple for me. I love it and can eat it often.
Got my bulk ground hamburger made and sectioned out. Use that for taco salads.
I cut up all my celery and put into containers.
Salads put in their separate bowls and ready for lunches. 

I found a recipe for crackers that I want to try after I get a week under my belt of full keto. I started last week but caved when the holiday happened. 
Thankfully I found some yummy Qwest bars that I can use for when I'm having a sweet fit.


It is leg day and my first day trying out the Blender Fitness videos. I did this video. 

I hope that I like these videos. I liked Jillian Michaels but for some reason I couldn't stick with them. I think it might have been her voice. I'm really weird about what people sound like when telling me how to workout. I know it probably sounds crazy when I can just turn up the music and not listen to her but I need to have someone telling me how to workout.


I thought I would try out the Bullet Journal for the new year. I'm not quite sure that I will stick with it because it is more work than just a pre-made planner, but there's more ways to make it your own.

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