Wednesday, January 27, 2016

new shows that I hope are as good as the hype


If you are a SJP fan than that is one reason to watch. If you have or are going through a divorce there is another. Sarah Jessica Parker will be back on HBO in this new series following a couple who are going through a divorce. I have been through 2 and was with my current husband when he was going though I know a little something about the topic. Release date: N/A

The Night Manager:

I am a big mystery buff and love me some Sherlock and Blacklist so that is why this caught my attention. The cast includes Tom Hiddleston, I mean HELLO who doesn't want to watch more of Loki. I'm sorry that's all I see when I see him, but hopefully this role will change that. It is created from a novel about a British spy. Release date: N/A on AMC

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My husband likes a good comic book adaptation, I on the other hand can live without. This on the other hand looks interesting. A person searching for God, with the help of a vampire. I guess when it is written by Seth Rogen it comes with the territory. I am willing to give it a go. Release date: Middle 2016 to AMC.


I have never been into robots and weird fantasies but this is staring Anthony Hopkins, so why not. It is created after a 1973 film of the same name, interesting. Apparently it is set at a futuristic theme park, if your gonna have a theme park if should be futuristic...right. Well the robots get out of control and cause some drama. Release date: N/A on HBO

Those shows all seem kind of serious so here are my two not-so-serious shows I can't wait to see.

Edge and Christian's Show that Totally Reeks of Awesomeness!! 

This link shows a preview of how fun this show is going to be. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the WWE Network but it is like Netflix for wrestling. My husband has to have it and I don't mind it. These two men are no longer wrestling but were awesome in their day and have a variety type show. Release date: After Fastlane on WWE Network for 9.99 a month.

A Series of Unfortunate Events:

The rumors are true! NPH is going to star in the Netflix version of the adaptation of book series. Jim Carrey once played the Dr. but apparently Neil Patrick Harris is planned to put a different spin on the role. I love most things that he has done so I'm sure it will be wonderful. Release date: N/A on Netflix with runs us 7.99 a month

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So those are a few of the shows that will be coming out in 2016 that I will be putting in the DVR. If you come across one that is a must see, please share.

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