Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reading the Wonderful world of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter!

I just wanted to share my progress in my goal to read the wonderful Harry Potter 7 book series.
 I started at the first of the year, thinking that it would take me a while to accomplish this goal.
I am currently finishing up with book (year) 3. I have to order 4 and 5 so that might be what slows me down.
I would recommend this for anyone of any age.
My daughter read these as a child and I watched a few of the movies with her, but didn't think that the books would be for me. I was wrong. If you read this series as an adult you have such a different view as if you were a child or teen.
As an adult your heart really goes out to young Harry Potter, who loses his parents and has to live with family that doesn't want him.

Book (year) 1

Sorcerers Stone

This is where we begin our journey with Harry. He finds out that he is a wizard and is invited to attend the wonderful wizard school Hogwarts. His Aunt and Uncle are dead set against letting him go, but in the end have no choice.
He makes some friends and learns a little bit about his parents. 

Book (year) 2

Chamber of Secrets

This book has the appearance of a little creature called Dobby. Reminds me of Gollum on Lord of the Rings. He comes with a warning to Harry, do not go to school or bad things will happen. Harry of course wasn't about to stay locked up at the Dursleys, so off he went; via a flying car. 
He learns some more about his parents. His friendships are getting stronger and his enemies keep trying to take his life. He battles Lord Voltemort and wins, once again.
Now having seen the movie, it made it more interesting to read because I could see all their faces while reading.

I was terribly upset when the news broke about Alan Rickman's death. Severus Snape is such a good character is this series. You want to hate him because he is mean but there is so much more to him and you end up loving him. Such a wonderfully talented actor gone to soon.

Book (year) 3

Prisoner of Azkaban

Again Harry has to spend the summer with the Dursleys.
There is yet another Teacher for the Dark Arts and there is a prisoner on the loose. Azkaban is where they lock up the bad guys, wizard and witches who do horrible things. People think Sirius Black is out to get Harry but all is not as it seems. He will yet again find out more about his parents. He wins the Quidditch cup for his house. 

I can't wait to get book 4 and move on. I haven't seen this movie so I'm not quite sure what happens. I highly recommend if you are looking for a book series to get into, read Harry Potter. You are sure to find a character that calls to you. I personally love me some Hagrid, he is an animal lover.


Book (year) 4

The Goblet of Fire

This book was an emotional rollercoaster. It this book we have a Triwizard Tournament so it brings wizards from all over to Hogwarts. You will see Ron get jealous of Hermionie hanging with another guy, Harry is pulled into the tournament even though he didn't enter himself and Voldemort will make a re-appearance. As Hermionie says "things are going to change now" This one that the movie doesn't do it justice, especially the ending. 

They just announce that the play A Cursed Child is being made a book and will be released this summer. The buzz around it is good and bringing Harry Potter back to our lives.

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