Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 5 YouTube workout videos

Having been trying desperately to find a video that I like and can follow for more than a week, I felt like I should share what I have found to be tolerable.
I have a weird pickieness about the way people talk and the speed of the workout so it has been quite the search.

1. Jillian Michaels is going to have to be 1 because I don't mind her voice and the tempo of her workouts are good for me.  

2. Shaun T makes the list as second. He is very up beat. This is only an arm video so it has to be paired with another video and I like to do it first to get my arms loose.

3. PopSugar videos are pretty good. At first I wasn't feeling them because of the voice of one of the instructors but the tempo of the videos are nice and there are so many to choose from. I just turn down the volume and up my music.

4. Fitness Blender is who I started with in January but I felt their tempo was a little slow for me but there are some good videos on their site. You just have to search for them and I will keep at it.

5. GymRa is the page that has the videos, but I will only do Rebecca's videos. The others have a weird voice over and the person doing them looks weird not talking. Rebecca's got a fun accent that makes me motivated, even though she talks a little much.

I have a couple DVD workouts but I haven't tried them yet. I probably should since my internet acts up downstairs so sometimes in the middle of my buffers!

Well those are my top 5 go to workout videos, so far. I am always on the hunt.

Do you have a favorite, go to workout video? 

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